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Bullying. Cyber Bullying. It's a virus. It's something that can be stopped. I'm leaving this question open. Please anybody with a past or anybody with ideas leave it here or pm @batmanmusicfreak101 @mangorox @callie2240 or my self. this is open to everybody just please keep it a discussion and not an argument. Please if you haven't already watch this video: Please speak up your voice will be heard because anything big starts with something small and we will be able to rise above bullying and stand against. THANK YOU.

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No, please dont! This went too far as it was. Lets not pour salt on any open wounds. While we are happy to be supporting the topic please dont open another.
You really dont stop. Bullying is bad. We know. Lets not open a million medal grabbing posts
I don't give anything about medals. It's being a victim of being bullied that gets me. I want to put a stop to it and I want to make a difference. And if people can keep things right then we can do this.

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Other answers:

Sweetheart, I was bullied for about ten years! I was driven to the point of suicide! I was about to turn from my faith and my family and kill myself! You are telling me about how that "gets you"? This has gone too far! I know what you are trying to do but there are better ways. There comes a point where it goes from a kind thing to something that Whether you know it or not is disrespectful. I thank you for what you are trying to do but email preetha with your ideas. Use pm's dont make a public post
"Sweetheart" Umm I was not only bullied. I was put through 12 years of abuse. I finally got free and I don't want it to keep it up. I went through hell and high water and I still have to see their faces in court knowing they could get me. this sh!it goes deep and it hurts. I'm sorry you went through what you did and I've been there I didn't have a family to turn away from I just attempted after attempt but for some reason it always failed. okay so I've been in your shoes only worse. because I couldn't come home to get away from it because home is where it was.
^ That story is so sad :'(
That's like not even half of it. just a quick run down so he understands he's not the only one and theres always someone out there who has it worse like the people who actually do commit suicide
This isnt a time to try to out-do each other. I am glad you are standing up for this but telling another bully victim that what you went through was worse is bullying in itself. It is saying that what you went through was nothing. Words do hurt. I am a pastor, I have not only preached on this subject but it hits home. You have gone too far. this is becoming more of a pitty party and a medal hounding thing than anything else.
^^ You started the riot
Look sweety pie honey booboo bunches of oats an chicken fingers if you don't wanna be apart of it that's fine just leave.
^ i have no idea what that means
but i like chicken
haha It's just something I say when I'm agrovated it's basically like saying "Look here B...h" without the cursing
you know what i say?
oh gawd.
y is everyone starting arguments
idk, i think the fact they are arguing about it but they both want to stop it is unnecessary
But chicken is good
good times

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