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Alright guys, Lets have a little chat. Stop bullying? THAT WOULD BE GREAT! But lets take some time to think, do we want to reach out to the bullied? YES! OF COURSE! Do we want to only reach out because we pity them? NO! Thanks to all of you guys who are standing up for the bullied @mangorox and @Ryleighblue ! Lets take some time though to tell our stories. When you want anything successful to work you have to do something called connecting to others. I am NOT trying to be rude. I know I sound that way sometimes though, but lets have a little chat about it without talking about how it is either peoples ignorance or whatever. Lets talk about the struggles we face and not just some empty urge to stop it. Lets connect with others instead of just trying to appease them.

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Oh gawd please don't open another fight .-.
I am not, I edited it, Just read it! Tell YOUR story, Dont just tell people how it should stop. If you want this to go anywhere you need to make your case. So lets do it! Lets make a case not just a "Stop bullying" post. Tell people why, Why does it affect people? Why is cyber bullying different from personal bullying.
Why fight for it? Tell me! State your case.

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Other answers:

I LIKE BRIEFCASES. I didnt notice caps lock was on
Look snuggie this isn't a game this isn't who can make a better point. This is something tremdously serious and I would appreciate it if you weren't to mock us. cause @mangorox @Batmanmusicfreak101 @KyleighKane and myself are trying to end it and make it to where it's known across the USA that the kids aren't alone
So am I. But I am also trying to prove a point. I will not lie. It needs to stop. I really do thank you guys for it. You need to connect with others to end it. You cant just say lets end it and boom it magically goes away! Did MLK say lets stop it and it magically went away? No, he fought for it, he gave a reason, he gave an experience just like many other great world changers. So lets do that!
That is what we were doing hmf so please don't take apart what we were doing
I get what @SnuggieLad is saying kinda as in tell our stories and how we wish it would stop but don't sit around and talk for everyone bc everyone has their own opinion on this and with us trying to so call speak for everyone we dont get to hear their sides.
I understand, tell your story! Tell us what happened to you just like I have mine. That is the only way to make a difference is if you let your hair down, be transparent and let us know. Others have to connect emotionally. Thank you @Batmanmusicfreak101 That is all I am trying to say
okay fine. 5 of us tell our story. then tag people. so they can see.
Dont make a number! I promise that it will far outweigh that if we start.
can we please NOT fight for something we ALL want to stop? Its like fight over 2+2=4. do you get thta?
I am sorry I couldnt help it
watevz i do it too
well let me just say, i was bullied too. BUT, it didnt phase me. There is only a few people in the world that can not be effected by bullying. Honestly, i know it could have made it worse, but i hit back. HARD. cuz i was tired of it at one point. I honestly dont feel that effected by it and i have sympathy and empathy for everyone who is effected
@SnuggieLad @Ryleighblue Let's just stop the posts for anti-bullying because this has gotten wayyyyyyyyyy out of hand!! Don't you see what you've become?!?! You haven't helped anyone by just fighting against which post should be deleted or that's now fair and blah-b;ah-blah! Realize what you are doing I thought you were doing this to spread awareness, now it's a big riot
^thank you
i was just about to write about that too
Whatever I'm not done. and anyone who is GOODBYE.
why not delete this one and leave the original post (@Ryleighblue ) and just keep one?
^thanks you.
I just need to state one more thing: Openstudy is not for posting stuff like this!!!! OS is to help people with problems they have with learning not personal problems!! Besides, no one would bully anyone on OS, because we are all a big family.
I think the best response on this topic was given by @dumbcow "my only comment is concerning cyber bullying you always have choice to walk away...close window, use different email/ social media , block the person and so on" Said in a few words but very meaningful. No more posts on this please :/
What the serious fork guise please just walk away nobody is here for bad energy you are giving so uhhh bye bye.
Openstudy feedback is :) this in my mind will help stop the bullying on openstudy that is why it is in the feedback. So if you feel openstudy is not the place to stand up for others than you dont believe in stopping bullying and you in fact are the bully. You are lengthening out others suffering by not helping stop it. Thanks for your opinion though, SnuggieLad
Aren't there places on the internet to discuss these issues?? I don't think openstudy is one of those places...
^^That is what i say
^thank you
saint. mango. please leave. you are false energy that isn't needed. please leave. and snuggie I am with you 100% on that.
mabey me but i dont see how mango is, but watever. bye guyz :p
>_> saint... really?? all she does is back everyone with bad inputs up. snuggie pm me I'm done here saint you know how to contact me. mango theres nothing to say to you.
go ahead mango, Show you absolute disregard for the well fair of others...
@SnuggieLad I support you but people are going wayyyyyy out of hand here.
:O I am your friend @mangorox but when it comes to people disregarding something like this I don't understand you were ready to fight with us for it and now it gets hard so you back out.
I'm not backing out I support it but I this is going way too far
"Ok I'll close it, but this won't be the last of me, The bullying police." What happened to that girl...That fire is gone
Fighting for a good cause is good. But for that a single post would have been enough. Not 5+ posts that too consecutively in the feedback section-thats bad.
as I said "As soon as it gets hard you back out" yea so much for that. I'm 100% your friend but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop supporting something like anti-Bullying.
ryleigh...give it up...Its not worth fighting a girl that doesnt care about this
I see where this is going!!! @SnuggieLad is trying to turn everyone against one another!! @Ryleighblue
Okay in that case ONE of us make a post AN keep it RELATED TO THE TOPIC if you don't wanna be involved please don't even say a letter!
//Rolls eyes\\ can't people be mature over something like this? I mean it's not like I'm asking for a lung or a kidney I'm asking for supporters to build a wall against the deadliest virus alive.
bye because people keep ignoring me
this post...
is dead...
lets keep it this way xD
that's kewl saint why don't you walk to mango? I'm done with people.
@SnuggieLad You are the one that told me to close my post for anti-bullying
i thought you said im not a people =(
well I guess you are now.
bullying is not a virus...
how bout EVERYONE starts over. this single post tore everyone apart
yes it is, It's something deadly. but only the BULLYS would say it's not.
A virus isn't alive either xD ok ill stop.
i agree with @Ryleighblue it is deadly and has claimed many lives
there isn't any starting over when you already know how people are. I'm done with society cause it's killing good things in life
don't agree with me now. it's to late @TheSaint905621
if you have something to say to me you can find me in my pms. byezz
@Ryleighblue @TheSaint905621 Stop fighting. Seriously, stop it. Guy, the reason why Snuggie put this is not for anti-bullying, or anythign like that, he wants you to share your story, get the word out that your a victim, not because we shoudl pity you, god no, This has to stop. bullying in general needs to stop, whether its face to face or over the internet. Its not fun, and about 5% of the worlds children die from bullying a week. Just because he made a post doesn't mean you don't have to share your story. Hell, I've put on a mask of happiness, just to hide the fact that i used to be bulled, I have nearly 15 attempst son my life. Only my online friends, and those i talk to on a dialy basis stoped me from that. He's just wanting you to share your story, and explain from one's memories ways to stop this epidemic, Bullying is a virus that is deadly. It doesn't have symptoms until its almost claimed its victim.
^I'm not fighting with @TheSaint905621 I'm being honest.
Knock it off will ya'll? it's suppose to be about stopping the bullies.... anybody else realie in these posts we are BECOMING the bullies? No? well we are so lets just stop! Like I said to @Ryleighblue and @KyleighKane facebook page should be up tonight and other accounts for other websites so quit it on here for a bit okay? Give some ppl a break!
Ive missed so much .-.
^^^ yea it's over and a lot of PEOPLE are nothing to me anymore they are just another part of this forked up society
Lol, Kyleighs bored. I NEEDS TO BE ENTERTAINED.
I have to say that snuggielad is pretty good at starting conflict. It's in his blood.

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