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How do I install Python 2.6.8 on my Windows 7 machine? I've downloaded and unzipped, but I don't know what to do now.

MIT 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (OCW)
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do you see the .exe file?
why 2.6.8 v?
Sounds like you got the zip rather than installer version. For people who are not used to manual installs, the installer version is usually better.

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Other answers:

same I say to others. Use Pyscripter: more easy ...
2.6 is what we're using in the Mechanical MOOC. 2.6.8 is the link they gave us for installation.
sorry, when is starting the course , i want to take it this time
Course starts on Monday, June 17
ah ok thanks , we will be classmates
I've found the windows installer for 2.6.6. Will this work for the class?
Amy, Windows .zip files usually contain either executable installing files with a file extension of .exe or a Microsoft Insraller file with a .MSI extension. Either filetype can be used for installation of a desired addition to your computer's repertoire. Hope that helps.
@AmyGF MOOC-E is an Apple machine, so hopefully one of your peers can help you with the install. 2.6.6 will absolutely work for the class. 2.6.8 is a security only update so the actual function is nearly identical and 2.6.6 is what we used for the first offering of the class.
Having the same issue here. So it looks like its 2.6.6.
Newer versions include bug fixes, so it is worth it to use the latest 2.x to match up with the class. There are people who have done the class with the latest 3.x, but they need to deal with the code changes on their own. Hopefully MIT will release a 3.x version of the class since we are in the 4th year of a 5 year transfer cycle from 2.x to 3.x, allowing people to choose the version they want to learn.
Hi, I also couldn't figure out how to install, so I tried the Mac installer. It seemed to install, but when I tried to open IDLE, it just immediately closed. I have no idea why.
Hmmm. Macs should have Python...
Mine has 2.7 and the class uses 2.6. Does it matter?
No, 2.7 should work just fine. Good luck with the class!
That could also be why the install failed. It detected a newer version and refused to overwrite it.

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