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...lifes rough, loves hard. I feel like a big tard. I wanna spend my life with u only theres nothing more I can do I sit here n wait for our time to date why aint u mine I think about u all the time ................................

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aww sissy its a beautiful tradgy and im sorry:(
Its good :) It's very relatable; for me anyways but yeah good Job Raven5 :D

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Other answers:

@blue_cheetah Thanks!! :) N @Rayvenn.14 ikr. hopefully I will get my chance.
YOU WILL!! if he doesnt hes a dee di dee and needs to get stabbed for missing out the best thing he EVER will have in his life iloveyou sis<3
AWWWWWE! Thanks sissy! ME LOVES YOU TOO!!!! <3
:D sistas fo life bruh!!!! ayeeeeeeeeee we SMACKINN toqethah lmfaoo<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 lmaooo
hahahahahaha u crack me up! :P
:D itry my best too ! lmaoo
I got more to add to this poem.. .............................. I put my heart out there for u n what did u do? left it out there in the open air Baby my heart isn't a dare come and get it complete me make me the happiest i could ever be .....................................
omq sissy!!!! ilove that!!!! thats qood right there can ipost this on fb? and google plz?
lmao ...sure give me the credits!
of course lol ima be like "my biqq sis RAVEN wrote this qivee her cuddoos if you like:D"
lol okays! Dat be cool! :) Oh hey u needa friend me on fb! Ray Love!
ithought idid last night?
didnt you send me a request?
ummmm no. idk what ur name is on fb.
Rayvenn Garcia or look up my email
"i feel like a big tard" i couldn't take u seriously after that XD
wow... o.o
fu kk this sh it no 1 in life cares about u or understands u. you think they do but at the same time they just fukking play enough to drop you..but im not funna let it get the best of me maybe we'll be back together the next our hour or week dont matter to me until we get threw this bump just you and me....dueces iloveyou <3 Rayvenn Garcia @ i0iz0gangster

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