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What major problem did the Roman Empire face in the mid to late Fourth Century?
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Constantine I brought the persecution of Christians to a halt and formed and founded 'Constantinople' which soon became the new capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire), he also collected and collated holy scriptures and formed The Bible and Christianity (later became the primary religion of the Roman Empire.) The Battle of Adrianople occurred in 378 where Emperor Valens and the Roman Empire would face the Visigoth cavalry and be defeated, consequently Emperor Valens was killed. This would augur the sacking of Rome in the 5th century (410 CE). The permanent division of Rome took place in 395 with the death of the Roman Emperor Theodosius I and that was a substantial moment in the history of Ancient Rome. The division began in the late 3rd century but emperors still ruled both halves of Rome until after the death of Theodosius I where it permanently split with one of his sons ruling the west and the other ruling the east. This was an endeavour to make for easier rule and better control. They gradually established separate identities, although they were the same empire.

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