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New Ambassadors! Hello everyone - i am very happy to announce 3 new ambassadors to the team! please give a warm welcome to @thomaster, @JA1, and @chmvijay . . . we're very excited to have them as part of the ambassador group!

OpenStudy Ambassadors
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\(\large\bf\color{darkorchid}{Congratulations\ thomaster,\ JA1,\ and\ chmvijay!\ :D}\)
@thomaster congrats man \(^_^)/
@thomaster @JA1 @chmvijay : \(\Huge \boxed{\mathsf{\color{orange}{C}\color{blue}{o}\color{green}{n}\color{red}{g}\color{grey}{r}\color{purple}{\bf{A}}\color{gold}{}\color{violet}{t}\color{pink}{u}\color{yellow}{l}\color{maroon}{a}\color{brown}{t}\color{black}{i}\color{dkgreen}{o}\color{dkblue}{n}\color{ForestGreen}{s!!!}}\space \bf{\ddot \smile} } \) Congratulations everyone.

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Other answers:

Welcome to the Team!!
  • JA1
When I first submitted my form, I thought that being an ambassador was all about having the job and the responsibility to welcome users and be nice, but now I understand that it is just a title, all the things you do as an ambassador should be done regardless of what your status is. It took me a while to understand this, but after I gained some perspective I now know the whole story, the only difference between me and a regular user, is the fact that I know, I want to, and I will make every attempt I can to do what is not only morally right, but also what is the correct conduct every user on OS should have, which is welcome users, be nice, help anyone in need, create and maintain peace and contribute to the overall success of OS one step at a time! I am glad that I can form a part of this already wonderful team, and I hope we can all get along and work together to make OpenStudy better than ever! :)
  • JA1
Oh and thank you all for your warm welcome :) and congrats to @thomaster and @chmvijay
Good luck JA1 in ambassadorship. You were doing good work as an OS user and now I am sure, you will carry on your good work and enthusiasm being an ambassador too. Welcome to OpenStudy Ambassadors team.
\(\Huge\color{#FF0000}{\boxed{\color{#FF4900}{\boxed{\color{#FF9200}{\boxed{\color{#FFDB00}{\boxed{\color{#FFff00}{\boxed{\color{#B6ff00}{\boxed{\color{#6Dff00}{\boxed{\color{#00ff00}{\boxed{\color{#00ff49}{\boxed{\color{#00ffDB}{\boxed{\color{#00ffff}{\boxed{\color{#00DBff}{\boxed{\color{#0092ff}{\boxed{\color{#0049ff}{\boxed{\color{#0000ff}{\boxed{\color{#2400ff}{\boxed{\color{#6D00ff}{\boxed{\color{#B600ff}{\boxed{\color{#FF00ff}{\boxed{\Huge\sf\color{#FF0000}T\color{#FF4900}h\color{#FF9200}a\color{#FFDB00}n\color{#FFff00}k\color{#B6ff00}s\color{#6Dff00}~\color{#00ff00}e\color{#00ff70}v\color{#00ffDB}e\color{#00ffff}r\color{#00DBff}y\color{#0092ff}o\color{#0049ff}n\color{#0000ff}e\color{#2400ff}!\color{#6D00ff}!\color{#FF00ff}! }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}\)
Thank you all for their support and encouragement and considering me as new ambassador :) @Preetha @Bostonblue @mathslovers @rane @thoughts and also thank to all the students who posts the questions in open study and all the ambassadors, helpers which have grown such nice forum in all subjects :) it s really makes me happy after seeing the user name like @calculator @ mathsLover @Integration etc. i just love this science forum very much and the way its structure and working:) I will do my best to improve the open study forum in future :) Thank you too @thomaster and @Ja1 who are along with me newly selected as ambassadors Thank you everyone :)
@thomaster \(\Huge\bf\color{red}{show~}\color{orange}{off}\color{lime}{>-<}\) Lol xP
lol thanks for mentioning me there @chmvijay :) You deserved it and finally you got it :)
I'm proud of you all c:
  • JA1
Thanks all for welcoming us so warmly, it really makes me feel that OS is one big happy family :)
Congrats guys!
Welcome to the team! We are glad to have you you will receive your "A's" soon 1-3 days Congratulations You are now representatives of OS and also part of them team! Glad to have you!
@BostonBlue Could you send me the link to the OS meeting for next week please?
  • uri
Congratualtions @JA1 and @thomaster \(\Huge\color{#FF0000}{\boxed{\color{#FF4900}{\boxed{\color{#FF9200}{\boxed{\color{#FFDB00}{\boxed{\color{#FFff00}{\boxed{\color{#B6ff00}{\boxed{\color{#6Dff00}{\boxed{\color{#00ff00}{\boxed{\color{#00ff49}{\boxed{\color{#00ffDB}{\boxed{\color{#00ffff}{\boxed{\color{#00DBff}{\boxed{\color{#0092ff}{\boxed{\color{#0049ff}{\boxed{\color{#0000ff}{\boxed{\color{#2400ff}{\boxed{\color{#6D00ff}{\boxed{\color{#B600ff}{\boxed{\color{#FF00ff}{\boxed{\heartsuit}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}\)
Congratulations you guys! That is so great!!
Welcome to the team!
@JA1 @thomaster @chmvijay welcome to the openstudy team. Glad to have you on it! Keep up the good works, and don't spam posts with LaTeX. Its not nice. xD

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