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History questions... Why are so many of them repeatedly asked? It seems like I have answered most of them in the past, and yet people still ask them -_-. And most history questions can be done with some simple effort of looking in a book. Why are people so lazy?
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the questions come from the same pool of standardized questions from multiple students who go to the same online school. they post the questions from their assignments, and from the looks of it they take the first response they get as correct in order not to have to think about the content and learn the material. one of their main objectives seems to be finding someone in their class/grade/portfolio that has done the work to give them the correct answers so that they can "pass" the course.
  • thomaster
Why do i get tagged everyday in history while i'm not even enrolled in that section xD But this doesn't only happen in history, I see a lot of repeatedly asked questions in the biology section too. A search bar would probably solve that problem, it will most likely be implemented in the new version of OS this summer.
  • e.mccormick
Everybody knows this: \[\Huge \text{History repeats itself!}\]\(\small\text{(couldn't resist that.)}\) More seriously. Well, I have seen the same in many of the topics with the online schools. They use a small question bank. In fact, the same questions from the homework make up 80% or more of the tests. Even in math you can see the same exact question dozens of times. Because they do not have a good psudorandom system with a large question bank and automatically generated math questions, you get this huge volume of repetition. What is worse, it is hard to tell if you are answering homework or a test because they use the same questions!

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