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Could you please read this i havent finished but its about Vikings and raids Day 1 - Life of a Slave As far as I remember it was a cold morning and the sky was covered by a mass of gradient grey clouds. I lay comfortably in my makeshift haystack bed with my Father and Mother next to me. The quaint village that I lived in was Båtsfjord and was a very common farming village in Norway. I helped farm potatoes with my Dad (which wasn’t the highest paying job but we got by). As I slothfully woke up to check the germinating potato seedlings I noticed I was all alone in the field.
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Then I thought that this was to be expected as it was very early in the morning. Then all of a sudden I hear yelling and ear-piercing screams of war. I run back to the village to check what was happens and right before my eyes were a cluster of barbarian looking Vikings. But they were not idly standing around; they were hacking at my fellow villagers, chopping off limbs and slitting throats. All the houses were ablaze and people were running for their lives while I stood at the top of the hill and watched my whole world crumble. The Vikings were entering houses and stealing anything of value that was compact enough to bring back onto their ships. Such items were gold, silver, food, clothing as well as iron tools and weapons. They would also slaughter any livestock that was found on the spot to provide fresh food to the raiders. It took a lot of my courage to venture down the hill and run into my house to check if my family was alright. What I saw before me should never exist for a 14 year old child to see. It was the remains of my deceased Father and Mother. Laying on our bed of hay; beheaded.

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