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1. Write the basic plot of the story "The Three Little Pigs". 2. Write the basic plot of "Harry Potter" . 3. Describe how each of these plots is similar and how each is different.

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Well, have you read "The Three Little Pigs" and "Harry Potter." If u did, it will be easier for u to write down just the basic plot of each story, and afterwards compare and contrast them.
no i haven't its been a lonnnng time since i read them...
Please read them, so you can understand what you're trying to do. Here are some sites that i found helpful for you.

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Other answers:

ok, so do i have to read the whole book of harry potter again ?
Read the site i gave u, it contains the summary of harry potter, including the theme and other literary works.
can u tell me what is a plot exactly ?
Which book are you trying to refer to? Harry Pooter contains seven books in series.
Prisoner of Akzaban or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone i do love the 3rd book...
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third of the seven Harry Potter books. This book focuses mainly on the supposed crazed murderer Sirius Black who has just escaped the high security prison, Azkaban, and is rumored to be coming after Harry to kill him.
so this is the plot?
For the three litter pig summary, u can just read the story, it's pretty short.
And from that, u can develope ur own summary :)
Do you know how to write a summary?
one more question... the plot of the movie of the Prisoner of Akzaban & the book.. will the plot remain the same ?
U mean remain the same with the rest of the series?
This is the actual plot of the book
does a movie have a plot?
But every books of Harry Potter has a differetn plot.
Plot is a literary term defined as the events that make up a story.
Every story u read and watch has a plot.
The Plot basically means what's the story about, from the beginning to the end.
okay that was just wht i meant.... for the 3rd question... im supposed to read both plots and compare them
Yes, for the first two, right down the plot of each Story u presented and try to figure out what's similar and difference u found in these stories? Can u tell me what's the plot of "The Three Little Pigs?"
There were three pigs and a big bad wolf, two pigs ere lazy to build their house strong and the third pig had a strong house... the wolf blows the two pigs house and tries to blow off the third pig, but he couldn't.. the wolf tried to enter through the chimney but the third little pig boiled a big pot of water and kept it below the chimney. The wolf fell into it and died.
Good summary, now what do these two stories have in common?
well nothing at all..
Me too i can't find the similarities of these stories. Were these stories recommended by your teacher?
no i choosed them
In both stories there is conflict between a villain and a hero. In both cases, there is the diligent work of some people, but not of others. (Think of the way Buckbeak gets convicted because of a student that does not bother to follow the rules.) There are some serious differences as well. The villain of the three little pigs simply is as stated. In Harry Potter, the Prisoner of Azkaban, the villain is hidden.
yea thats absolutely right !
Also, both are morality tales. The moral of HP is to not judge people until know them and have all the facts. The moral of the 3P is on diligence of work and making good choices.
whts a conflict?
got it.... thank you very much both @Zale101 & @e.mccormick for helping me out !
a conflict is the problem of this story, let's say the three little pigs for example, the conflict in that story is that the the wolf is trying to blow their house down.
No problem @tanya123

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