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what r some good songs

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what kind of songs u looking for?
well rap music
Bring your thug friends to the local city park. If you want bring the most illegal drug I would enjoy that

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Other answers:

Do u listen to Kotton mouth Kings?
do u have facebook
love them
listen to black smoke
Cotton mouth is a sign of cannabis use
@Emo*FAITH* do u have facebook
no i do not
i love pot
me to lol
do u think @Not_A_Cop is a cop
i think so
he might be
cannabis is good 4 u
i agree 100%
i really like ur hair blue is my favorit color
what is the best kind of pot u have hade
well idk its hard to remember lol. i had some purplr kush last night
really i had some lemon drop and train wreck
really? cool never had those before
r u in school right now?
what grade r u in?
yes, and 9th.
ohh im in 10th going into 11th
im going into 10th
ohhh what is ur real name
Annetta. but i go by Faith
i like that
my name is justin velarde
what is ur favorit song by eminem
insane and space bound
i love the song stan and insane
i like all of his songs
haha ya
im bored
me to what class r u in
ummm music
u have coputers im music class
igtg :(
ohh ok see ya
ill miss ya
talk on monday
see ya
any good songs
airplane- B.o.B
They created the chat for these kinda conversations you know :p
lol I think Emo*Faith wants the internet dee.
Smoke less weed. Listen to more Miles Davis. Chat on the phone.
Odd Future, Eminem, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, The Clipse, N.E.R.D,& Kendrick Lamar. Those are artist music you should listen to ya know. I cant tell you a name of a song and you don't like it take listen to these artists and you'll find the one that fits you the best
Lol MattGibson XD

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