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Songwriters: How do you get your inspiration and how do you think of tunes to make the lyrics fit?

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experience and imagination
i use my emotions, which are most often nostalgic or memory based
Ya, I use emotions too. Need to feel all experience with your heart.

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Other answers:

I want to start songwriting. But I don't know where to start. The beats or the lyrics?
you start with the lyrics, and the music will eventually come to you
sorry took me a while to reply :/
umm while you make a lyric, try to find the beats. ya combine em.
Gotcha. I need to find some inspiration!
@karatechopper Well,The first thing is to know what works best for you ; many people work out the music before they work out the lyrics and i'm one of them :3 But that's up to you . Talking about inspiration ,unfortunately, inspiration usually doesn't strike at the most convenient times....However , there is no one way to write a good song ,everyone has had different experiences and beliefs ,and these things will play a big part in the way you put it together ;there are certain best practices and emotions you can follow to make the most out of your songwriting process . The last thing to follow ,Don't forget to work out the structure like he intro, a verse , a bridge...Etc . and listen actively to different types of music ~~~~~~ After you finsih writing da song ,Don't forget to share it :P i would love to give a feedback :3
@Eyad I really have gotten myself interested in singing and the music industry, I can't read music, or play an instrument. I wanna learn guitar but at the moment it just doesn't work. Sometimes I get ideas write 4 lines and bam, inspiration gone. Other times I just don't have the mind to memorize what comes up at random times. Would you mind kind of guiding me through?
I can just be walking down the street, and i get a few words stuck in my head, and when i get home i turn those full words into a song
So your a songwriter! How do you write your songs? Are they just by a random emotion you get, a moment you have had, something you believe in? @phantomofthemathwork
Yes :) I often ask my friend to help me with the words when i get stuck, and then me and her end up being up all night on skype saying and doing random things, until we get a (in my opinion) good song
Wow! Thats amazing! I really wanna start but I'm just stuck and confused where to start. I want to start with covers before I actually start writing words down. Any singing tips?
Listen to your favorite songs, and sing along with them like you're part of the band. Pick songs in your comfortable range, and just keep singing. The more you sing, the better you'll get :)
Any tips on how to hit the high note and how to make your voice louder without it cracking?
practice, there are miracle tips out there on how to perfect this, also i have 1 suggestion, sing to the 432 hz natural scale, its much smoother and harmonically rich. this is just slight hippie talk proof, but there are numerous studies and solid proof to back it up, and no valid opposition to it. I have no clue why we arent using this anymore.
@ChrisJP I'm sorry, but honestly singing to 432 hz won't miracely make your thing better. Oh I forgot, we're in this day and age where the computer sings for us. But @karatechopper most of all, create good melodies. It depends your style, I mean if you like 1D then its much easier to make a "good" melody, just make it simple, dumb and people will declare it "catchy". Sadly, now what matters much is the production. Get a great program, remove all the cracks, auto-tune it and add tons of loops, mix/master it good, and boom. Add a loud beat. You have a work of "art".
No, you're right about "it wont make your thing better" but you do match a significant amount more of harmonies than when tuned to 440.
Harmonies make the sound vibrate at richer tones, kinda like how reverb affects a tone. More frequencies that mimic the original producing a "fuller" sound.
? Harmonies are different melody lines going at the same time. Has the definition changed?
I thought it was the use of simultaneous pitches or chords.
the field around the word is pretty broad. metaphorically speaking.
and they are simultaneous when you replicate the sound and play it near simultaneously with the original but with slight decay and cross fade.
A being = to 432 hz's only relevancy is that it sounds more pleasing to the ear.
Okay :)
Well uh you see..I am just starting. soo..
are you able to play an instrument?
nevermind, whenever you have the right kind of rhythm to yourself, its something you just sorta feel, break out a pencil and paper and write a kind of makeshift poetry. Or keep a journal, and write down your feelings. Whenever you feel as if youve written enough you can go back and make a song. It can be kind of overwhelming to start from scratch so give yourself a starting point. This usually works for me.
Nope, I want to learn piano and guitar tho! I have started to keep a small journal, I thought that maybe after I spill out a day's entry, I could just take words form the entry rewrite em into different lyrics
Well inspiration comes from anywhere. From a beautiful place or a person you idolize. It also helps if you write about things of your life like past or good times or bad times. Makes the song emotional and people are able to connect.
@karatechopper Start with piano :)
Yes listen to @dumbsearch2, @karatechopper. Piano is a brilliant way to begin! Maybe if you could look for a local teacher? Keyboards and acoustic guitars can come pretty cheap, if you want me to search something up for you I will. Keep up that writing ^_^
Don't try to we all know... when you try to force a song to be exactly right.. it always is missing something... You need to relax and let it come... walk on a beach or sit under a tree... start playing around with some tunes and eventually it will come... don't stress over it.. :) #GoodLuck
Starting with the lyrics is not the best idea. If you want to captivate listeners start with a profound melody and let the words be born from that.
I do have a keyboard and already have myself an acoustic guitar, I need a teacher. Are there any online free courses?
A teacher for what? Song writing or learning to play the piano/ acoustic guitar? Either way I would check youtube.
A teacher could set you off in the right direction but 99% of the stuff i know i taught myself its just nice to talk to someone thats been doing it all their life i suppose.
I look at the world around me in fine detail: look at my life, my feelings, my views on things, how people see the world, etc. to make my tunes fit, I like to hum and sing the words in different notes until a smooth melody comes along. :3
I come up with beats in the shower and play the instrument with my mouth (like drum sounds) or humming and la la la's also search youtube for instrumentals created by people some people will be happy to lend them to you if you give them proper credit for it. I hope this helped you out.
When my former band and I would write music, we would first come up with instrumentals. We would find a nice melody, harmony and chorus that we liked.. Then we would find a poetic style that fit the music. Then we would write the lyrics. It was based on the mood of the song as well. If it was mainly major, it was a happier song. If it was mainly minor, it would be sad.
we have inspiration and rather experince smtyms,.. u knw,.. have u heard tht broken lovers r better poets? :P Well it's b/c thy put in their true stories straight frm their hearts. and i jst sit n start joinin tunes and stories untill i can make any sense of it,.. i knw it sounds rlly crazy,.. bt it's great! believe me
I need to be alone for one. Capturing the mood is important. Having a piano or guitar near is great (if you know how to play obvs), and many times writing a song after reading a graphic novel or a good movie can inspire many songwriters. That's the idea your song is supposed to be a story or a scene of a story. You're own story, that YOU write.
The easiest inspiration for me are my emotions and views on things. As for the tunes, I hum a bit and experiment with the lyrics and notes until I get something that sounds pretty cool.

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