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In which scenario would mitosis be least desirable in terms of a species' survival? A species has little energy to devote to reproduction A species is unable to travel far to find a mate A species has to adjust rapidly to a changing environment A species is preyed upon by numerous successful predators
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A species has to adjust rapidly to a changing environment" Sexual reproduction in the form of Meiosis is considerably more complex than Mitosis and thus through malfunctions and gene interactions offers a greater amount of diversity which would be important for adapting to an environment. Mitosis relies solely on mutations which, due to the high rate of reproduction imparted by such a simple system, do occur regularly but there is less room for adaption as the organism is mostly stuck with variations on one set of genes - most of which will be fatal. All the other answers are situations where mitosis would be preferable as it allows: -Rapid reproduction to survive culls be predators -Uses less energy (when you consider that two organisms are required for meiosis) -No travel is required In reality few organisms are entirely aesexual. Many bacteria informally exchange bits of code with each-over thus somewhat overcoming the limitations of mitosis. In addition this can occur between species which is demonstrated in the extreme variety found in the microbial world.
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