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Exercise 2.6 – The game of Nims/Stones Here's a solution, but it departs from the "basic outline" prescribed in the 6.189 Homework 2 handout by handling both players in a single loop. When I tried to use two separate loops, it got messy because there was a lot of duplication of code, including watching for the end game condition, ready to terminate execution from either loop after all the stones had been taken. Does anyone have a solution that uses two loops without a lot of repetition of code? The solution is written for Python 3..
MIT 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (OCW)
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I think that if you are going to use a loop for each player, you are going to repeat code. However, I think that it can still be easy to read (though I know I should have commented my solution). You can view my Python 2.7 solution here: I had another version where I used a function to handle the players' turns, but I can't find it.
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Thanks. If you find your other version, please post that one here as well. It would be interesting to look at the variety of solutions that people have developed.

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