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Find the amplitude feature for the sin graph of y=f(x) 1)amplitude 2)period 3)phase shift 4.)the domain/the range 5.)x/y intercept 6.)the equation of the graph

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i know the amplitude is 3 but how do i find the others by looking on te graph

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Other answers:

The amplitude is half the difference between the max value and min value. The max value here is 3 and the min value is -3. So A=(3--3)/2=3. The period is the time it takes for the graph to complete one cycle. Here, it completes one cycle between negative pi and pi, so the period is 2pi.
not sure if they count shift in up and down as phase shift too.. but theres no phase shift in your problem anyway, as it hasnt moved up or down or left or right
so the period would be -pi minus pi?
period is the length between these 2 points
what is that length?
-pi/2 to pi/2?
that is the start and end points u are giving me for 1 oscillation what is the length?
oh 5 so i exclude my starting and ending point?
lemme ask you simpler question... what is this length|dw:1372973193523:dw|
you know pi is just a number right is that what is confusing you pi = 3.14159263.....
i dnt know why im not undertanding would it be -2? i did -pi/2-pie/2
okay can i ask you 1 thing
ruler is 20 cm
whats the distance from the middle
to 20 cm
these are not trick questions lol
i would say 15 is b/w it ...
wut the...
okay a rule is 20 CM...
lol i dnt know
what is half of the rule distance?
okay maybe we need to work with smaller numbers...
do u know a site that has similar examples ?
what is the distance between point 1 and 2?
what is 1+1?
okay so that means there was 1 added to 1
so that distance there is 1... DO YOU GET IT??
i think so
wait can you see my drawing?
umm okay.. now what is this distance ur gonna have to start answering faster or this will take forever
so how long is this whole line?|dw:1372973851072:dw|
2 i think
amazing u are like a genius
lengths in between there?
lol um
im not sure i dnt wanna write the wrong thing
theres ur problem.. ur too afraid to do math
you cant learn like that... everyone will make mistakes, but they have to learn from it
yeah i know
now answer
lemme show it to you another way
do you agree is right?
what is the total length of this line?
okay, so u see me writing from 0 to 2 or -1 to 1 they were both length 2
okay now
okay let me rephrase question
there is 1 for each side
what is the length of the left side
can something be negative units long?
what is the size ? of that line
dan i dont want to take up your time...i better ask my techer in the morning
... we did too much work to stop here... can u tell me why u are so confused
do you know what pi is?
dont hesistate please just answer anything that comes into your mind, all i ask is that you answer fast
yea as a decimal
dont worry about being right and wrong for just 1 min
pi = ??
say yes or no? do u know what pi is
yes as a decimal 3.14
okay so...
length of this part?
or you can just say pi
saying pi is the same as 3.14159...
length of left side?
yea i know
dont over think it... get simple
... again.. can the size or length of something be negative?
can your leg be - 3.14 long?
if you measure your leg from top to bottom and then bottom to top will your answer change
no lol