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There needs to be a more effective way of combating these troll accounts.

OpenStudy Feedback
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What I suggest: Create a automatic system so that if you use too many profanities, the user will get a warning, and then a ban.
@amistre64 This has been an issue for the LONGEST time... and you guys are only realizing it now? I've made many posts about this, and EVERY TIME I would provide screenshots, a mod would ask me to close the post and only PM mods when any problem occurred.

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Other answers:

we are not "only realizing it now" ... we have been complaining about the efficiency of the mod tools that they give us and that they are no good at combating this kind of troll behaviour
Oh, thank goodness for realizing this... in fact, do mods have an IP ban feature at all?
Or is it admin specific?
we have a "useraccount" suspend option ... which is pointless since anyone can make a new account in a matter of seconds
admins, or at least the programmers, could do an ip ban; but they are hardly ever around to deal with it.
oh yea. Thats what I thought. In fact, I popped in the source code of OpenStudy for a bit, and I found that the only options you have is: Kick Ban (this is a warning) and IP check when you click ban, you get asked in a prompt how long you need it to be. Is this correct?
BTW I'm wondering, is the warning system delayed? Whenever I report something, it takes up to 15 min. for a mod to answer !
depends on what the mods are doing ... i do not know what kind of lag would exists between report and notif. most seem fairly real time to me
ban/warn yes. with a time limit option for the useraccount.
But it always takes a while :\
  • JA1
@amistre64 this has a very simple solution, instead of sitting around and waiting for a hackathon I fear is not coming anytime soon (not to mention that the hackathon will not be as big as we would like it) we could start to do something, we need to start working with Preetha to get OS better funding,better admins who are actually around and do things like shadowfiend, mattfuery, and farmdawgnation used to do, we need to start revamping this old design and make a new OS.
im not sure of "better admins" is a proper usage of the term :) And im not too sure how us working with Preetha would provide better funding. I agree that we need a designated admin around that we can more readily contact tho.
  • JA1
I mean we need to start sending out some letters and make some phone calls to institutes who would fund us, and we need Preetha to do it since she is the face of OS, and what I mean by "better admins" is admins who instead of just fixing and trying to maintain this crumbling server by putting band-aids we need admins who are dedicated and are always finding new ways to improve OS, you can't argue that @shadowfiend @mattfeury and @farmdawgnation never did anything, because they were always improving OS and finding out how to fix it the correct way,they put cement on the broken dam instead of duct tape instead of how it is done now, the admins now are around but not as dedicated nor do they Improve the site.
  • JA1
Not to mention that it would be nice to have better servers so we don't get as congested which is a big problem here.
Server-wise, OpenStudy isn't quite optimized for horizontal scaling. It's about 60% of the way there, but needs a good bit of love to go the last 40%, because there are certain things that are still designed to run in a single process rather than distributed across servers.
  • JA1
I love this guy, you tag him and he actually comes on O_O
Heh. Depends on the day;)
  • JA1
Yes but I know you are dependable :)
  • JA1
So what exactly would OpenStudy need to overcome it's sluggish speed and lags?
Some pretty concerted performance investigatory work. This isn't trivial stuff, tbh, it's the more difficult side of development in my opinion.
  • JA1
Would it be best to just re-code the whole thing or take out bit's and peaces and test it out?
Neither, really. Testing it in real-life scenarios with a profiler is the best way to go, IMO. But that requires time hehe.
  • JA1
isn't the disapproval guy your test account?
  • JA1
  • JA1
As far as I know it's not a test account.
  • JA1
Wut? one sec let me get the link.....
  • JA1
Although the convo we had got deleted but it was there @thomaster
Wow! Shadow's here! :) @JA1 "isn't the disapproval guy your test account?" What are you guys talking about ?
  • JA1
Thom said the disapproval face was a test account fro some admin but I forgot who's
I disapprove of this accusation.
  • JA1
It has to be matt or farm because I tagged them both :P
  • JA1
HUZZA it's @farmdawgnation
I mean, this is the third entry in OpenStudy Feedback so who you tagged isn't necessarily an indication of anything :p
  • JA1
Snuggielad: I know you are farmer but I am still going to call you Mr. Eyeballs :) I quite like that name. FAN MEH
wait, who's @ಠ_ಠ?
I'm horribly confused.
I'm glad we've established that testimonials are the one true source of truth. ;)
  • JA1
It has to be, if not then some miracle happened and this guy just resuscitated after so long with no activity XD
uh huh I'm so confused WHAT in the world are you guys talking about who is ಠ_ಠ and why is his SS so low :P
  • JA1
I am accusing him of being farmdawgnation but we are not sure ....
I go away, and I have people accusing me of being someone I'm not. Hrmph.
  • JA1
OMG @farmdawgnation It's been years! Like literatly!!!
  • JA1
He built OS along with shadwow and matt, I think we've established he is a big figure on here xD
I know!
Pretty sure it hasn't literally been years :p
  • JA1
Read above and you will see why he is relevant
  • JA1
More like months?
My lord. All of you had been absent for so long!
  • JA1
Anyway so back to the main topic here lol. So OS would be best to just test with an account?
  • JA1
You said "Neither, really. Testing it in real-life scenarios with a profiler is the best way to go, IMO. But that requires time hehe." so i take it you mean the best route is to just test OS on a regular account?
  • JA1
So how would we work on improving OpenStudy?
  • JA1
Brain crash there, I know what you mean now shadow lol
Lol. My name is there. :|
Wow It was great when the admins were here... on chat... :)
We need better servers... But the admins don't work at OpenStudy anymore! Where to start?
WOW JA1 you have reunited all the admins. Only @cshalvey @mattfeury are left , I suppose. Thanks for coming back @shadowfiend @farmdawgnation . we all missed you a lot.
Indeed, but they only were there this morning. The old-time mod, @darksid had also returned. They seem to have left :'( Though @shadowfiend was also here yesterday and the day before, so I expect him to be back.
? Is @darthsid back?
now im happy :) It was great to see you guys again.
Yep, right amistre! Hope, they come back again and again
Am I back?
  • JA1
Supposedly @Preetha mentioned they are working for OS again, but I don't know if this was a cruel joke or the truth :3
Not the true, as proven by their replies on your most recent post @JA1 And where did she tell you that?
  • JA1
On chat but it was yesterday :P that's why I asked on my post to make sure.
Oooh gotcha.
So, here comes my idea: Divert the minds of trollers :)
One of my ideas was to feed good and bad chat to spam assassin to train it, then have a scrape server just watch the critical chats. For questionable content, report it. Then a human can deal with it. For bad content, delete it and evaluate the user. War or suspend based on the user and their IP check status.

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