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As a result of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, the cause of _____ was strengthened. Islam economic freedom democracy women’s rights
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5. The U.S. and its NATO allies are committed to helping _____ rebuild after years of war. Afghanistan Pakistan Syria Libya 6. The _____ requires 100 million high-tech sensors. Mars Rover driverless car PlanIT Valley community Virgin Galactic 7. In the city of _____, a technician will automatically be dispatched by computer when there is a problem with the air conditioner or heating system. Sun Valley, Idaho PlanIT Valley, Portugal Fukushima, Japan Bremen, Germany13 minutes ago •Edited 13 minutes ago •Edit Question Share Tweet BumpClose 19 mtoler123 08. What was unusual about Bashar al-Assad, the longtime president of the Arab nation of Syria? He was the son of the previous leader of his country. He controlled a strong military. He was a non-Muslim in a country which is three-quarters Sunni Muslim. His government controlled Syria’s natural resources, including rich oil fields. 9. Recently, researchers uncovered the molecular structure of a key protein that retroviruses use to multiply. This was a significant step toward _____. using biotechnology to vaccinate children stopping the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus providing healthcare for all people producing lifelike artificial limbs 10. NATO is currently involved in _____. rebuilding the war-torn nation of Afghanistan settling China’s dispute with Japan over islands in the Pacific helping rebuild the government of Iraq curbing drug-related violence by cartels in Mexico 11. Many Americans are alarmed about the idea of drone aircraft _____. flying over battlefields dropping bombs on enemy targets flying over friendly foreign territory flying over United States cities 12. Which issue was of only little concern as people demonstrated against their governments during the “Arab Spring”? minimum wage 13. In the Middle East at the end of 2012, _____ was not a major U.S. concern. rebuilding the government of Libya ending the civil war in Syria preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons settling disputes between Palestinians and Israelis 14. NATO stands for ____. North Atlantic Treaty Organization 15. The _____ industry was least impacted by the economic recession. healthcare 16. What is carbon capture and storage (CCS)? a method for storing fossil fuels that prevents leakage into the environment a process using high pressure to obtain hydrocarbons from shale rock a process to further limit carbon dioxide emissions from burning coal a new technology for mining coal that reduces the amount of coal dust produced 17. The bailout of Greece’s failing economy was negotiated by _____. the United States Great Britain Russia Germany 18. Why did Greeks protest against their government in 2012? The government wanted to borrow money from Germany. The government threatened to impose austerity measures. The government threatened to raise taxes. The government wanted to drop out of the European Union. 19. In 2012, _____ had a significant effect on food prices. drought conditions in the Midwest 20. Which is not a major ethical issue? harvesting embryonic stem cells to create new organs flying drone aircraft routinely over American cities allowing private individuals to fly into outer space allowing parents to choose the physical characteristics of their children 21. The “Arab Spring” had its beginning in _____. Libya Tunisia Iraq Iran 22. Getting a college degree is a good idea because _____. the cost of a college education has soared in recent years a college graduate faces a weak job market today over a lifetime, a college graduate can usually earn more money loans for tuition and other college expenses have to be paid back 23. A computer hacker usually gets into a company’s network by _____. tapping into the company’s IT department finding a single unlocked door in a virtual hallway studying the network’s architecture befriending someone who works for the company 24. Which describes the process of fracking? pumping fluid deep underground to force natural gas out of shale rock excavating Earth’s surface to reach veins of clean coal pumping toxic chemicals through shafts in the ground to pump out natural gas detonating explosives underground to release oil and natural gas from solid rock 25. There is now no restriction on the amount of money that organizations or individuals can give to candidates in national elections due to a ruling by _____. the U.S. Senate the Supreme Court the Republican Party a majority of states

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