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Meh, I didn't get any of those. Chill, snugg. :p
Sean, check your pm...I need your help...

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Other answers:

Done dood.
no its not a joke. I know that person (and others) are trying to bump up their smartscores by mentioning a million people on a question. Crazy thing about it, it actually works
What? where did you learn that!
I didn't even know that mentioning people could up your SmartScore! That's actually pretty bad.
idk someone said it in the math chat room i didn't find out until recently :/ hmmmm maybe i should be a moderator now.... :P
Woah I mean woah
i mean, if u look at the pic. i attached,.... that shouldn't even be possible!
Ya, of course, it increases the teamwork. They consider that teamwork... well, it certainly can be abused easily!
yeah i was kinda mad to because it took this dude one day to get his smartscore all the way up to 55. idk
Well, who knew that my SmartScore is higher then all of you guys :D
lol Actually everybody in this thread has a lower SmartScore than me.
Meh, dat true.
those 2 guys are gone and will not return any soon.
All things that boost SmartScore have their abuses... although this was also kind of a shock :3
Get dat bannhammer, lol @hartnn! :D
lol you make @hartnn sound like an angry Thor or something :P @dumbsearch2
No? Not really... he's just doing his job well ^_^
1 Attachment
wait a sec. @SnuggieLad u might want to see this....
lol i have one less notification because i checked one of them, but I think it is the same trolls and smarscore abusers who are doing this. All we can do for now is to report them i guess :/
P.S. no one told you to infiltrate my LaTeX practice grounds >.<
Am I at 99 Yet -_-
These people who are spamming this junk all over the site just to raise their ss really need to be stopped. Its getting annoying now
Give them a warning and if they don't cease and desist, suspend them.
it really is, and they tag at least 100+ people per post, so thats why you and i have this issue yet again my friend; the odds of tagging two people the same time all the time is a pretty high possibility.
I am not a mod @Mertsj
about that @Mertsj , i also noticed that the people who got banned come back with a new account even tho that violates OS CoC
lol :P @Mertsj you're the mod.
I know. That's why we need to ability to ban an IP address. That would give teeth to warnings.
that sounds as if would be a more effecient name of dealing with rule-breakers, because we all know that every site has them, some more so than others... :/

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