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Read through the following outline for an essay. Introduction Hook Claim: The media's abuse of power through the unrealistic portrayal of men and women contributes to low self-esteem and an increasing number of destructive behaviors among teens. Body Paragraph 1: Unrealistic portrayals of men and women characterize advertising and entertainment. Evidence: Men and women are portrayed unrealistically in advertisements, movies, and television. Explanation: Technology makes it so that the appearance of men and women in advertising is not only unrealistic but also physically impossible in many instances. Body Paragraph 2: These unrealistic portrayals contribute to low self-esteem and an increasing trend of destructive behaviors among teen audiences. Evidence: Dr. Jager offers explanation of the connection between these portrayals and self-esteem in Consumer Psychology Today. Explanation: His study proves that media portrayals affect the self-esteem of all audiences but especially teen audiences. Evidence: Student interviews and surveys give examples of how the portrayals of men and women influence their self-esteem. Explanation: Results demonstrate the harmful effects of these unrealistic portrayals. Conclusion Concluding thoughts Challenge to audience to think, feel, or act The purpose of this essay is to compare information. identify a cause and an effect. identify a problem and a solution. provide an explanation.
Do you know what each of the choices mean?
i think c but idk

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Other answers:

what is your reasoning that it is C?
well i think it is explaining itself in it
@melody16 so is c right?
Well, it's obviously not A, or B. Cause it's not comparing and there isn't a cause and effect.
can u help me with a few more? I will post them separately so u get more medals thn if u want

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