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Which of these statements is most likely correct about the Nebular theory of formation of solar system? A. It is based on facts which are non-testable. B. It is invalid because it is based on non-observable facts. C. It cannot be replaced by modern theories in the future. D. It was proposed after several scientific investigations proved it valid.
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It's A and that's because we can observe the current solar system right now and it gives us so much indirect evidence on how the solar system was formed. And it's not even limited to observing the solar system; the hubble space telescope has already found many areas in the regions in the Orion Nebula where solar systems may be forming. Of course we can't exactly create another solar system by ourselves because that'd be impractical and beyond known human capabilities. It's not B because I just explained in the above paragraph that it's not always mandatory for facts to be observable directly for a theory to be deemed plausible or correct. It's not C either because we are always learning new information and discarding old and obsolete information. It can't be D because no one was alive to 'investigate' the formation of the solar system. Hope my explanation helped!

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