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Has anyone experienced god.

HippoCampus Religion
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I've experienced many apparent supernatural things and communications which I correspond to my Lord's, whether it was actually them or representative's there's really no way of knowing. All I can hope for is there somehow related and I'm not being sent down a wrong path, I guess that's what met by faith.
Experienced God? :/
I've had a physical miracle. spiritual miracle, and became aware of being spiritually observed in my own home, several times, by other person and groups. Apostle, ST., John Chapter 10, verse 9, 10 - the thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that you may have life, and they might have it more abundantly. My faith is I'm being taught by my Lords and being made aware of things other considered impossible.

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Other answers:

i didnt understand what you said @KenLJW
My experience is one can be spiritually observed without one's knowledge, taking your personal work and using it themselves. This may seem impossible to some that's why I referenced St. John. I once met an older man, after having a EEG in the 70's, and told him about it and he said they don't know where my mind is. Its a reference of being spiritually, mentally, connected with others and ones being , soul, may not reside entirely within an individual. In the early 80's, while working as a two-way radio repairman, I told a younger coworker people are like these radios, some can't transmit and other can't receive.

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