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Open Study World Map. Edit here :)

OpenStudy Feedback
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Thank you :3
cool idea :D

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Other answers:

Definitely interesting concept.
Added myself.
The funny thing is that I was thinking about this concept the other day... a map which anyone could edit, to locate OpenStudy users :)
This is cool
  • JA1
added yo, nice work @Machida
  • JA1
Waddup with all the place marks?
Wow this is so cool :D
@machida - this is AWESOME! How do we get everyone to edit it?
  • JA1
You need to be signed in to google
How do I put my location on the map o.o
the pics are posted above
@Kayne Madam come here.
Thank you~
Thank you all :3 Just need to sign up on G+, so everyone can edit it :)
And I've posted above how to placemark yours :)
Thats amazing @Machida
@dumbsearch2 , well you can make an awesome one :) @Preetha I wish I can make the map like this xD *this map is traffic of OS
1 Attachment
@Preetha Doesn't your server have already location stats?
Yep, @Preetha can make a map by IP's users
That's what I thought @machida. And even though IP addresses aren't always 100% accurate, they usually get simple info like your state right.
ahem , privacy, ahem
that's great INDIA ON SECOND RANK :)
@modphysnoob This site already collects IPs, it says so in the privacy policy. It wouldn't be making the IPs public, just the locations that the IP can provide.
totally added myself :D I love this idea of yours @Machida :)
But it is so much cooler when people add themselves.... (-:
No one from South America????
I by mistake added myself 3-4 times, can anyone tell me how to delete those?
Added my (REAL) location, down here near Houston in La Porte Texas! Come find me if you want!
@mathslover click the place that you've write. here :)
1 Attachment
omg no problem :P
Ok absolutely no way would we do that with people's ip's. It is truly unethical, I would never look at OpenStudy right ever again if they did that.
  • JA1
We could include an option that says "Would you like to share your location on our user map?" and if they click yes it would share their regional location (i.e city, state, county etc..).
  • JA1
Since IP's only share regional locations in the first place.
  • JA1
I know that but they should not be used for those purposes, and using it for those purposes does that comply with OpenStudy's own Privacy-Policy

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