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Can you think of any specific objects today that are associated with the afterlife and how are they portrayed in the media?
Art History
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If you accept Zombies as a type of afterlife, then they are ubiquitous in the media. They of course are not objects in the sence of things, however, they do represent afterlife. In terms of religious objects crosses are still big. It seems the media prefer the previous Lives but afterlife with some type of promisory note form God or whatever diety is not popular, almost any relic from almost every religion is more acceptable in the media than the idea of a life after this one, although I am partial to the idea of the virgins promised in the Koran and the suicide people seem to enjoy it as well, how are they portrayed? Is the ever popular asteroid that is going to destroy earth a specific object that is associated with the afterlife or simply death? There is a comet coming this year, I think they have named it ISAC and comets are always a hopeful sign of impending death and consequently or hopefully and afterlife plus there has been a couple of movies so you have a media portrait. The TV show Grime Reaper treated afterlife but mostly as a joke. In the good old days you could buy a Papal Dispensation but today all you have to do is say you're sorry, didn't really mean to be a jerk, thank you Jesus. Well, I hope this has given you some ideas.
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Reincarnation of people.

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