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I forgot how to factorise this! :( 3x^2 +2xy - 8y^2 - 8x +14y-3

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Is this your equation? \[3x^2 +2xy - 8y^2 - 8x +14y-3\]
Sorry, I was trying to get my question answered.. Anyways! What do we know? We know that the following can be factored out: \[x^2\]\[8y^2\]\[14\] I left out 3 and why because they can only be only be factored out by 1.

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Other answers:

Not "why". I meant "y"
umm ok...
Am I not making any sense? damn
for some reason i cant factorise this question :/ i dont see taking out these common factors to be any help...
i know its possible to factorise this but i ahve no idea how
It will! Promise.
umm, what method of factorising is this?
REVERSE FOIL Starting with 3x^2 and 8y^2, what can they be factored into?
3 and 1, x and x 2 and 4, y and y
sorry, but i dont understand what your talking about :/
\[3x \times x = 3x^2\]\[2y \times 4y = 8y^2\] Is that not correct?
yes thats correct
But its a negative so \[-4y \times 2y = -8y^2\]
But really from that link you posted, you can take out \[(x+2y-3)\] From the this you can take out x \[3x^2 + 2xy - 8x\] From this you can factor out 2y \[2xy - 8y^2 +14y\] And lastly -3\[-3\]
...."you can factor out"....
I guess you can I tried to find the greatest common factor in each, instead of reverse foil. Reverse FOIL is mostly for trinomials..
mhm i tried that. Btw i never done reverse foil before so is there any other way?
is it possible if you find the greatest common factor?
Yes. I just showed you... Also some methods are: - Number of Terms - Factor Out the GCF First - Reversing FOIL - Guess and Check
Its possible because that is what I did. For your x, you can factor out x ONLY because 3 is not a factor of 8. Also the lowest variable is x in all three. \[3x^2+2xy−8x\]
you forgot to completely factor out \[( 8x^2 - 14y)\]
Also, this equation is an alternate form of your polynomial, not your polynomial factored out... Besides did you mean to write this instead?\[x (3 x+2 y-8)+(14-8 y) y-3\]
mhm yea
Its okay :)
Lets try this again! Take out your GCF from your polynomial.... \[3x^2 +2xy - 8y^2 - 8x +14y - 3\]
not sure how...
X, Y and your constant are separate cases. Like what I wrote if you scroll up.
Let me try again! Here is your GCF, right? \[(x+2y − 3)\] When it comes to your x variables, only x can be factored out since 3 is not a factor of 8 even thought 2 is. Also you can't factor out x^2 because each monomial does not x^2. They all have at least one. \[3x^2 + 2xy − 8x\] Also these monomials are the only ones with an "x"
still dont get how you got ur GCF...
When it come to your y variables, you can factor out 2y because 2 is the greatest common factor. \[2xy−8y^2+14y\] And lastly for -3. It is the only constant. So when factoring, all you will use is (1) (-3) \[−3\]
Do you know what the term GCF is? GREATEST COMMON FACTOR
yea... but how did you get it...
I thought I just showed you and explained it to you..
EXAMPLE: What are the factors and GCF for these numbers? 2 - 1, 2 3 - 1, 3 12 - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 The GCF for these is 1.

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