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Some suggestions? I was wondering if an option could be made where you could untag yourself from posts. I keep getting tagged (along with 15 other users) to posts that I can't help with. I think having the option to untag yourself would be SO nice to have instead of getting unnecessary notifications.

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I also think there should be an option where you can't tag more than 2 or 3 people in one post. What other reasons would you be tagging 5+ people to a post if not to spam them with notifications to answer your question? (Just a suggestion)
(Another suggestion sorry) I was thinking that if there was a pop up or something after a post hasn't been touched for a couple days asking if you wanted to close it and maybe give someone a medal (if they assisted you of course). I feel this could get rid of all the open questions that are already answered, and also give the people who answered the question a medal for thanks. There are SO many questions in just the Writing question alone that have been answered and have gone without medals and have been kept open for an unreasonable time. I was thinking the pop up could show up as a notification and could say "Hey, you haven't been on this post for ___ days! Are you finished with it? If you are, give your helper a medal (then maybe a button that says "give medal") and close this question (with a button to close the question) so other people can get help! Thanks for using OpenStudy!" something like that?
@Preetha What do you think?

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Other answers:

I fully agree with you. 5+ tags is considered a spam.
Also, if only 5 tags can be used on a single thread and you have many friends that you're willing them to see. Send them a messege with a link :)
Personally, I think these are good ideas. I particularly like the last one actually.
Yes, I talked about an auto-close before. Notify the person that if they do not bump it, then it will be automatically closed. Do this once a, or every day on the anniversary day of the week for questions, so that people are told they have a week to bump it and if they do not it simply gets closed by the system. This would clear out a lot of the abandoned questions at the bottom of things but still give people a way to keep something open by tracking the last bump date.
  • JA1
*Adds to hackaton list*....*marks off day 100 of waiting for hackathon progress*
@JA1 be sure to get my \(\LaTeX\) based image editor on the list. \(\ddot\smile\)
  • JA1
Oh right *adds on to never ending list*
I love them. Will keep them in our list. Thanks.
Yay, thank you:)
  • JA1
@Preetha I was actually wondering about when you were going to do the survey thingy to get peoples ideas of what should be fixed and implemented? Like the one I did.
Latex... :P

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