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Can anyone recommend any good electro house/edm/dubstep?

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Zeds Dead, Paradise circus remix -- Duck Sauce, Big bad wolf -- LAOS, Hush now -- Phaeleh, Loung -- Flaic, doomsday set -- KOS, Sweet lullaby -- the list goes on and on...
aha thanks ill have to listen to those
try skream, bassnectar, daft punk, darude, and arion

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Other answers:

i already listen to most of those :/
lol i figured, have you ever heard of excision, and datsik? if not try them
yep :p
do you listen to anything eles like alternative or country cause i know a lot of good music in there i'm not very strong with my techno side lol
alternative sometimes, usually when my brain is applesauce from all the heavy bass in mah ears xD
i know some songs that kinda incorporate the techno kind of sounds try the meaning of life by disturbed and the game by disturbed
ah, disturbed isnt really for me :/ thanks anyways c:
ok sorry
Melancholy Hill remix --
thanx ash :p
innerpartysystem has a lot of good ones, I especaly like American trash
Ry Legit, Butch Clancy, Flux Pavilion, Zomboy, Doctor P. I will supply some links upon request.
ive heard of all except ry legit Kinda Heavy, Hope you like it.
thx, ill listen to that
Knife Party, Noisia, Nero, Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Feed me, Kill The Noise, 12th Planet, Zomboy, Delta Heavy, KDrew, Adventure Club, Zedd, Excision, Chase & Status, Labirinth, Avicii, Martin garrix, Showtek, W&W, Major Lazer, Netsky, many more I can't remember atm
thanks i will be searching most of these later c:
LAPFOX!!!!!! :D
@thomaster had the best replies, I was feeling kind of lazy
Nero or Skrillex are awesome at Dubstep
dude you gotta check this out, this whole album is amazin

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