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i don't see point in advertising OS !! indeed it's gonna help you out to get some more kids but after the survey i conducted on my own, i got to know that most of the homeschooling websites have blocked OS (obviously who know about OS) they consider OS answer key instead of a teaching tool !! Secondly, OS will be popular among those who have got home school because those who go to the school, barely they have time to get over kindly change the perception of OS, first.. good luck with all of your programs :) i'll try my best to get people here

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I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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Well, advertising OS @itsmylife is helpful as it endorses this site.. and as for cheating and other concerns, admins are keeping a close eye on this issue and ambis. are here to make sure everything in OS is going smoothly and welcoming those new to OS... but I do agree, OS. has lots of room for improvement
  • JA1
We have different perspectives @itsmylife , the thing is that OpenStudy once was a website with hundreds of thousands of users but sadly that died down, we have plans now to rebuild what was lost though, and we want too get OpenStudy back to the point where we helped Thousands and Thousands of students every day from Public schools, homeschools, international, and any other place you can think of! We know there is somecheating here, but we do our best, and with upcoming plans we will do better! We will demonstrate that we are here to help! Not to give out answers, many public schools are actually using us right now for geometry classes and things like it, the future for this site is getting closer and brighter so you will see many chnages now! But I understand your concerns and they will be taken seriously :)
Nicely said

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  • JA1
:) thanks
The reason to spread the word is not only to help OS, but to help yourself. The more people on the site, the more of your questions get answered fast. Especially in some of the subjects like history and writing. And the more learners here from your own school, the better the chance that the responses you get are aligned to your needs. And the more new friends you make. And also cuts down cheating -more eyes on the job. Think of the positive.
indeed, we need to spread it as much as we can, i love this site and i try my best to help people...i have informed all of my juniors to join this and come up with questions that they are stuck at but the problem is before making an external effort we need to sort out the glitches in it ... @Jamierox4ev3r completely agreed and @JA1 i am not saying future of this website is in danger ..its fantastic and i am really hoping to see it on a massive scale because its unique in its own ..all i gotta say is, mostly students who are homeschooled they've got time to come up here but most of these home school organisations have blocked this website and like few of my known members dont have access to other laptop or anything so they are helpless at the moment ..and those who go to school they dont have enough time to go through this , instead they prefer facebook...well i'll try ma best to include as many members as i can, thanks :)
I think advertising this site would be beneficial in the sense of advertising OUTSIDE of the internet. For instance, if I can get a printable flyer to post at this high school where I used to tutor at, it would be great! Students can have access to an online site where they can get help at any time of the day they want. Even on weekends, when some tutors at school may not be available. Also, private tutoring costs money. Additionally, if the site can be expanded to college, to get more tutors on this site, to more accurately help other students who may be struggling on courses that prepare them for their upper division courses. For instance, I would of liked knowing about this site when I was taking my physics series as an undergraduate my freshman year. I have seen some students ask questions in courses as high as electricity and magnetism, and a few in modern physics (quantum). Although the answers may or may not be correct, there have been a good source of users on here who can accurately discuss the steps of what to do for a particular type of problem. In college, from what I learned, discussing a problem is how you promote learning and I think that is what this site really does for those types of problems that fall outside of lower division courses and fall into upper division. There are many students on here who study all types of different majors and not everyone can answer specific type questions for each subject. Hopefully, expanding this will help :) Also I would like to add that not ALL students who use this site are from online schooling and therefore they may not know about how online users are trying to cheat on here.
simply mouth marketing can be done for that
People forget, especially if it has to do with school :3 If people see a flyer everyday, they're more likely to stop and write the info down :)
hmm to be noted
  • JA1
I was about to write some long drawn out message but @abb0t has it covered xD But I agree abb0t, very well put!

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