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If I were to direct the "THE SEVEN AGES OF MAN" I would choose Jim Carrey because he has the ability to make the facial expressions of a young boy and then end up in a hospital as an old man and make those facial expression. Compared to back in the 19th century where woman gave birth at the house and went to the house if they had gotten injured doing something. And if they had died they were buried near the house. In today’s world now it all happens in the hospital. To giving birth, being a baby, slowly maturing into a man if you get hurt you would go to the hospital for assistance.
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needs fixing
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This has a few problems. First, the seven ages of man is a poem, not a play. So what would you be directing. Next, you are jumping topics. A paragraph is all about a single topic, the one defined in the topic sentence, and if you get to a new topic you need to start a new paragraph. The way to help keep things in one paragraph that are different is to use a more inclusive topic sentence, like my "This has a few problems." that allows me to have anything that is a problem in one paragraph. Also, saying that 19th century medicine was only a part of the home is quite wrong. The practice of medicine at specific locations is recorded back to about 3000 BCE.

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