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Can someone tell me if I'm right? Which of these measures increased significantly during the two decades following the end of World War II? interest rates birth rate inflation rate union membership rates I think it's the birth rate because of the baby boom.

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Yes I believe you are right.
Birth rates. Question answered.

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Other answers:

Birth rates, definitely increased.
Kay, yay! I'm right c: If you guys are willing to still help me when I get stuck that would be great! c"
yup good job! (:
Which of these resulted from the activities of Senator Joseph McCarthy? The United States adopted a policy of containment. A widespread network of Soviet spies was uncovered. The Civil Rights movement gained popularity and power. Americans felt pressure to accuse others of supporting communism. I think it is D...
I believe you are right. It was called McCarthyism.
Which of these were brought up for trial in Nuremberg after World War II? Nazi leaders Soviet generals German prisoners of war concentration camp guards I think it's A or D, I'm not sure...
I'm leaning more to A, than D.
The Nuremberg trails were trails against the Nazi leadership.
Yay, then it's A!! c:
Why was the Battle of Midway a turning point in World War II? It involved the last island between the Allies and Japan. It was the first time a Japanese invasion had been halted. It showed the Japanese resolve to protect their home islands. It allowed the Allies to win back Japanese territory by island-hopping. I have no idea the answer to this, I know it's not C... It could B, because the invasion was stopped for a year. But, it wouldn't be the first time... And A and D are possible answers, I need some serious help!!
The answer that I thought it would be, wasn't there. The Midway was where the Japanese lost the majority of their Aircraft Carriers (Navy)
I guess the closest is D. I SWAG D.
Which statement explains President Truman's dispute with General MacArthur over war strategy in Korea? Truman feared that attacking China would bring the Soviet Union into the war. Truman felt that MacArthur had failed to prepare for Chinese entry into the war. Truman felt that MacArthur was reluctant to use limited atomic weapons in the war. Truman feared that invading North Korea would bring Chinese communists into the war. I'm not sure between A or D, but I'm leaning more to A.
Because, honestly. They were ALREADY in war with China at the time, but if they were to nuke or even so worsen the war. The Soviet Union would come crashing in, and Truman didn't want that kind of war. @radar
North korea had been already invaded, China was already assisting Norh Korea (volunteers by the thousands) I think it is A.
Which statement explains why the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargo had a major impact on the United States? By 1973, the national debt had reached a record high level. The United States was still involved in the Vietnam War in 1973. By 1973, the United States had become dependent on foreign energy sources. The United States did not have any troops stationed in the Middle East in 1973. I think this one is C...

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