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Hi OS mods, ambis, and of course regular users. Just letting you know that I will be gone for the next two weeks due to a huge project at school. I will make my occasional appearance just to check in, of course. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, thank you :) ~Jamie <3

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So.... just so you know, I'm fine (lol), I just have inhumane amounts of assignments for these upcoming two weeks, I haven't been ubducted, I'm human (as far as I can tell), and I should be back. Just one thing; when I make my brief visits, please refrain from killing me. Thank you guys, I will miss you :3
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
i know I'm like super depressed right now. But at the moment I have slightly higher priorities....unfortunately. I must admit, OS can be a bit distracting, if any of you know what I mean

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Other answers:

If i forgot you... I'm sorry there is so many of you! >.<
-.- don't start
Gurl, how many times, are y'all gonna make KC cry? #bringtheKleenexes
Have fun and good luck! :) @Jamierox4ev3r
Everyone is leaving.. why am I not surprised?
I'm gonna miss u my gurl <33
no @Luigi0210 ... not leaving for good, just for two weeks for now. But I will also be gone for all of March-April 2014( of course, like i said, with check-ins) due to preparation of what my school in Arizona calls, "Third Quarter Presentation" *shudders* It's basically me giving a 30-minute speech memorized in front of all my teachers and them interrogating me you'd think I'm going to jail or something.. so just letting you know in advance.
And just so you guys know, I'm going to miss ALL of you omg me and @karatechopper must share kleenexes or something, idk its too much, but I have to stay serious 'bout school and stuff (my Dad is *cough* asian and my mom is also *coughcough* strict, so got to live up to that) -.-
Not a bad thing. You'll appreciate it some day. And yeah, leaving OS seems to be a bit of a #backtoschool trend ironically, partically for those who use OS for more of a social-media like service. Guess it's a growing trend. :P
And @Jamierox4ev3r I'm so sad you didn't tag me. I feel worthless now. Completely and entirely worthless and pointless. Like a broken pencil.
I know i'm a problem child... I don't tell people directly >.< OMG I WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!!!! I found it quite difficult to finally bring myself to accept the reality that I need to remember this odd thing called schoolwork.. I just have to serious 'bout my academics stuff, I am much too social on here and this site sometimes fuels one of my most formidable habits: procrastination. oh and hey, @dumbsearch2 I knew i had forgotten to tag some people >.< omg don't killz mee
Do what you have to do, but just take me with you >.<
*stuffs Mary in my backpack* :3 Then you can be my incognito partner in crime ^_^
Sounds good.
Yesss! *happy dance in the street lol
I'm glad you approve :3 and like i said, and let me make myself clear, I am an ambassador here at OS and I feel semi-obligated to carry out my duties here, so I will indeed be checking in <3
Good luck.
aw okay thank you :) I will do my best and conquer and whatnot, idk. but all i know is that I will most likely survive
Oh yeah. We share dat SS.
Good to see you again btw @dumbsearch2
haha i know @dumbsearch2 ....@Luigi0210 don't be sad.... but goodbye everyone, I may or may not appear tomorrow so goodbye for now
@mary.rojas and @Luigi0210 omg don't be sad imma cry ....
:/ Girl I understand you got go work work work work @april115 lol But you will be missed, now who am I gunna tell my problems to and who is going to tell me better stories than you?
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....will miss you darlllllllllllllllllllll..............................:( come back sooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggies*
@mary.rojas hahaha them dirty little secrets? ;) ahhhhhhh I'm going to miss all of you I will do my best to integrate OS into my studies, but never fear, I am not gone for good
better not be T_T
Good luck my dear! :)
aw thank you auntie Zale :)
thank you and good luck with everything there :)
Oh wow, I made the list.
I didn't \(\huge\ddot\frown\)
It's okay. You're just a mod.
good luck ..babe ;)
  • JA1
Late but bye!
naww.. you are just in time :) later my friend <3

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