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A scientist has been working for 15 years to develop a new type of plastic material, but she has not yet been successful. Which of the following best explains why her work is still a success? New ideas often develop from unsuccessful experimentation. The original problem was not solved and can now be abandoned. Most scientists require several decades of experimenting before achieving their goals. The scientist has demonstrated that there are no new plastics for scientists to develop.
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The first one because there were a lot of extremely important inventions developed from unintentional accidents or 'unsuccessful' experimentation. Chewing gum was an accident created by Thomas Adams. He originally wanted to create rubber inducing products but failed and instead created the world's first and original chewing gum. The second answer just wastes vital opportunity. If all scientists followed this choice, where would mankind be right now? The third answer only occurs sometimes and under specific circumstances such as studying climate change and maybe pollution and how it affects the ozone layer. The fourth answer concludes that the original scientist's failure made it impossible for any new plastic to be developed. That's not true.

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