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Hey guys plz have me with this: How does hardship time have a person to get closer to God????
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Sadly it appears it takes great need or threats for some people to recognize they can't do it on their own and reach out for help. There's a saying "no one is a atheist in a fox hole" which actually corresponds to this principle. Also in ancient times fasting was used to artificially induce need, hunger, along with other symptoms associated with starvation to bring one closer to God. Whether the experience is a illusion or not is up to the individual but something's actually happen and being rational about what occurs will help in not being delusional. I was once asked do I have any delusions or hallucinations, my response was if I do how would I know. Their response was some do, my retort to this was the only way one could do this is to assume that reality only has one mode and any experience deviating from this is either delusional or hallucination. Moses saw a burning bush not being consumed that attracted him then he head a voice. People today would say he had hallucinations, the only way to determine if something is a hallucination is if the message of the experience actually come true. When God gives a message there's usually a reason and truth behind it and resultant reality will confirm it. The acceptance of a out of the ordinary experience is known faith and sometimes you can determine it false through faith.
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thank you kenJLW will really help me with the my test which is coming up soon ....thank you so much :)

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