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***ATTENTION ALL MODS AND AMBASSADORS*** Please mark your calendars for reunion meeting on Saturday September 14, 2013. The meeting shall be at 12pm Eastern Time. Please spread the word around to other ambies and mods! More info will be posted later. Hope to see you there. :)

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Is it gonna be in one of those special rooms?
where will it be???
Darn.. I might not be able to be here ..

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Other answers:

where is it!
Can I come too?
@Luigi0210 @karatechopper where is it at!!
I have no idea, why are you asking me? xD
More info to come. @Jasmineflvs And sorry, only mods and ambies :) @incognlto
ohh..otay i thought you knew where it was
But I want to be an ambi... Oh well.
Not yet, Preetha should :)
@incogIto apply!
We will send an invitation to join an online room. You will click on the link, install the software and you will join the online conference. Please bring headphones. After you join the conference and say hello, you should mute yourself to decrease the noise! If you feel upto it, you can also turn the video cam on! Fun Fun Fun!
oh you have to talk mom knows about this site but she is almost taking it away... :(
You dont have to talk. You can also just write in the chat.
@Preetha I have a question
What if I can't make it? I usually work on sat and sun through that time
Hmmm, We could record it and share the link.
I'm usually busy on sats also, And idk if it's my dads weekend either.
@Preetha I have a question.
Do you get paid for the waste of time spent?
okay sounds like something i can do.. Eastern Time is 3 hours ahead of Pacific right? hmmmm so that is 9 am. eastern time. I've been very busy lately, but I should make it :)
it would be 11:000 am for me
cool ^_^
@Jasmineflvs But it would be 13:000 for me!!!
ah 1:00 then... I <3 military time :P
Lol :P What kind of time has 3 Os?
actually *mortified gasp* noooo i can't make it!!! Shweoigubkjaeterpibjb-darn! ^ mini-freak out I perform with Phoenix Youth Symphony, and I have an orchestral retreat in a remote forest with, you guessed it, zero service and internet -.- D: This is incredibly inconvenient, I guess me and @Luigi0210 will have to miss out this time >.< Mr. Keitaro Harada will not approve of me missing the retreat so I guess that's that ....OMG you have no idea how disappointed I am!
Have to say a Symphony Orchestral is a much bigger priority and way to spend your time. Definitely worth it. And best of luck.
I'm not too sure if I'll be available
Good thing, it's Saturday. I would be available. :D
Great Idea. We all will be there on that day... I too was seeing for such day so that we all discuss on OS and related Educational Matter :) Thank You @karatechopper and @Preetha
  • uri
I'm sorry i will be at School.Can't make it! c:
yay i feel better now; I'm not the only one who will not make it :3 is there any way we can reshedule the date, it seems as if quite a few people will not be making it..idk this is just a suggestion don't get mad at me :P Ugh I've been playing violin for 10 years now but something tells me that I will fail >.< So i would rather be at this meeting, too bad this violin retreat thingy is mandatory
Wait now @goformit100 is an amby?
OMG i cant wait for this meeting peeps
but sadly i have school
do we have a location yet?
can be the date put to 5th of september please its an humble request
Sorry no the Sept 14 is final
aww ok :(
darn... i love @missMob 's suggestion... oh well, I guess i wil be missing this ........*walks away from post* *goes home* *goes and has a mini freakout* >.> wut u guys doing spying on a poor child like me? ... I have no freaking brain ughhh >.<
It would be 15 Sept, 2:00 am for me OMGG
Hmmm....lets see if I work that day
can @dirtydan667 come plz
no ambassadors and moderators only @dirtydan667 , sorry friend :|
but i am those things...XO
not on OS you are not :P
and if im not how do i become one
lol fill out the forms and whatnot let me see if i can find a link....
well here is the ambi. form... being a moderator is something that you become appointed for, no applying for that one ^_^ so good luck! and do your best!
see you on the 14th
@dirtydan667 no way you will get chose THAT quickly, even if you are a prodigy XD haha and i *cough* can't make it anyhow sooooo.... yeah
yay i aplied.....heres hoping,,,,this guy is bad at english
really ok
Cant wait for this
Enjoy guys. :)

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