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What is an irrational number besides a number that can't go on a number line, pi, and e?

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\[\sqrt{\text{prime number}}\]
^ what he said...
Are you sure?

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Other answers:

wait are you asking for another irrational number like pi and e?
the wording of your question is odd
OpenSessame, please leave... I will block you in fifty seconds.
I just want to know what makes a number irrational.
No, I'm rude.
if it cant be written in the form\[\frac{integer}{integer}\]
when it cant be written as an integer
so 1/2 is irrational dan?
So, is .3333... Irrational?
.333... is not irrational.
o true
OpenSessame... Please... Stop... I only need ZZr0vk3r's help.
Anyways, can it be written as irrational since the two integers of p and q are prime numberS?
can what?
\[\frac{prime}{prime}\]is not an indication that something is irrational
irrational is when the numbers after the decimal point are just 'irrational' no pattern
Oh yes! thank you!!! omg thank you so much!! it clicked now!! thank you guys!!
I think you are trying find a tell all for irrational numbers, and i dont think there is. it simply means that it cane be put in a RATIO of integers
Yeah, I realized that! Thank you for helping me! I'm now a fan of yours for sure!
\[\pi,e,\sqrt{3},\sqrt{2},....\]none of these numbers can be written in the form\[\frac{a}{b}\]where a, and b are integers
How come you're so smart?
@zzr0ck3r 1 is not a prime number.
im not, imagine someone asking you what 2+2 is, once you know it, you know it....
i didnt say it was
I'm studying mathematics theory, and my teacher is confusing me a lot.
it was a counter argument...
Do you have any tips for mathematics theory?
@zzr0ck3r I see your point now.
just practice, math theory really can mean anything. It depends on what you are doing..
I like theory over applied
Math Theory is going from pre algebra to differential calculus in a matter of 30 weeks.
Thanks for your help!
it all changes after you complete basic calc, difEQ, and linear algebra. things get very different once you get into calc analysis, real analysis, group theory/abstract algebra, differential geometry, ....these are all things you will do, and none of it will be anything like what you are doing now.
Then why must I study the other maths if it is different?
they are all the same thing, just looking through different glasses.
not really but.....
they are all would be like learning to throw a frisbie before you have learned to throw a ball. you dont need to learn how to throw the ball first, but it's probobally the best order to do it in.
Oh, I understand, like how a bird learns to fly, but must first learn to dive out of a tree to impale its victim in an unforgivable manner.
How come you're so wise?
lol, im old:)
@zzr0ck3r how old are you? and what level of math are you in???
Old and Wise, like the man on top of the mountain. Hehehe :P
im 34, im about to graduate with my bachelors in math
i probabely smarter then zzrock asdfasd, he no smarter than me, i in college.
next term im taking more real analysis, and more abstract algebra.
I take math in college, it my majore, you take easy class zzrock
What are you talking about?!
lol you are trolling me on a math website?
What troll? you no good at math man!
I better than everone in evrthing!
Zzr0ck3r, do you know him??
I his brother I smarter in math ask me question insted
hes just bored:)
He left!
I gotta go, take care man!
im going to be an astronaut
iam also going to be a doctor
asdfasdf54514 I can't believe the answer to this question has become so huge (yeah a lot of it is irrelevant information). An irrational number is one that cannot be put into the form of a fraction. 1/7 - although that is a repeating decimal .142857142857142857..., it is a rational number.
AND MAYBE a professional basketball player or baseball player maybe.. though
@dan815 how old are you and what are you studying in school?
right now im in engineering physics
but im planning on taking more math in summer, complete a double major in maths and eng phys
starting 2nd year for physics in 5 more days T_T
OH MAN im not ready yet
seems like you are still very young
@wolf1728 you need to be careful with your wording its not that it cant be written in the form of a fraction as \[\frac{\pi}{2}\]is a fraction and is irrational the point is, that if the number is a real number and it cant be put in a ratio (fraction) where the numerator and denominator are integers then it is irrational.

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