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On the progression of the persecution of the Jews. What instigated it? How did it escalate? Who tried to oppose it? Why was it so successful?
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Welcome to OpenStudy. Enjoy your stay. Regarding your question: On the progression of the persecution of the Jews. What instigated it? Many things instigated the persecution of the Jew. The Holocaust was one of the biggest one. Another one is Christian anti-Semitism, many Christians hold Jews responsible for killing Jesus. The charge of that Jews killed Jesus has led to hatred, violence against and MANY murder of Jews. Think of it like this: Holocaust :: Approximately 6 million Jews were murdered. Murders by Sub-wars/Christian :: ROUGH estimate 5.4 million were murdered. You see? How did it escalate? It escalated? It didn't "escalate" more like it became a world problem now. Things that made it a world problem. Hitler and the Holocaust not to forget WWII. Who tried to oppose it? Japan. Yes if you look at it Japan WAS involved in the killing of Jews. But many felt it was wrong. And some Japanese officials wrote visa to let Jews go to America and other safer countries. Why was it so successful? It was successful because... Many viewed it wrong on how Jews were killed. Innocent children and babies brutally murdered enraged people causing them to take action. Many under the radar ways of travels to safe zones. Even some Germans found it wrong. But since they were either afraid for their life they went along with Hitler and such. So sorry for any spelling mistakes, I typed that up quick.
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