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Help on the story Beowulf? True or false-
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5. Hrothgar's nobles scheme and plan how to bargain with Beowulf to rid them of Grendel. 6. fully armed with shields and swords, Beowulf goes to meet Hrothgar. 7. Although Beowulf's people have begged him not to go, his duty and fates have sent him to Hrothgar. 8. Beowulf plans to use his mightiest sword and his ten men to defeat the fiend. 9. Hrothgar made peace with the Wulfing for Beowulf's father. (False) 10. Unferth accuses Beowulf of risking his life and the life of Brecca in a'foolish swimming race. 13. Welthow, please with Beowulf's words and plans, thanks God for bringing a hero to the Danes. 15. As Beowulf holds him, Beowulfs men chop Grendals arms into pieces. (False) 16. As the Danes hear the horrible battle, they rush forward to herot to see the warrior and the fiend gnashing and fighting in the aisles of the mead-hall. 18. The warriors track Grendel's footsteps to the bloody mare where he goes down into the lake, and they rejoice over death.

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