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What kind of bias does the writer of the following paragraph have? The concert festival was a failure in all ways but one: ROXXOR gave a fantastic performance. Throughout the day, the festival planners angered guests by running out of food and drinks, offering only muddy corners under insect-infested trees for shade from the hot sun, and act after act of low-rate, amateur bands. But then, when the fans had just about had enough, ROXXOR took the stage. The lead singer enraptured the crowd with his lyrical voice, the drummer pounded out energetic rhythms, and, finally, the people began to cheer
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Bias, in this use, means to be prejudiced for or against something. So what things is the author for and against and do they seem to lean towards any particular group without cause? 2. a particular tendency or inclination, especially one that prevents unprejudiced consideration of a question; prejudice. 3. Statistics. a systematic as opposed to a random distortion of a statistic as a result of sampling procedure. For example, if I were to rate several things and say this was best because of this, but this other was better at that, and so on, I am giving reasons and balance. It is a minimum or elimination of bias. On the other hand, if I say this is the only good thing because nothing can compare, no reasons, no logic, no examples as to why, I have a fully biased argument.

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