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We have to write a 3 page essay on Mercantilism. The essay should include: -Benefits -Enforcement -Reactions(Like reactions from the colonies) -Relationship it had with the colonies and England. I have 2 questions. 1) In what order should I write them in? 2) How can I make a thesis from this?
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You need to get information on the topic fist, perhaps even make an outline or rough sketch of the paper. What you choose to include will determine the thesis. The thesis itself will take the form of what your goal in the paper is to be. Such as, "An examination of why mercantilism helped lead to the American Revolution," or "The long term effects of short term thinking as exemplified by the mercantilism system of trade." These papers, while similar, are not the same. One aims at a specific event, the Revolution, while the other might talk more about other trade changes, smuggling, etc. Once you know what parts you are going to cover, you can make a thesis statement that unifies how you are going to talk about those parts. As for the order, you have choices. You could take a chronological approach that follows how mercantilism came in, what it did to who, and how it ended. You could do a more separated order, just like in your question. I am sure there are others, but those two seem best suited to the topic in general. A specific paper might have another order that comes naturally out of it. In my examples, the Revolution one lends itself to chronological. The long term thinking could be either.

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