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where did feudalism occur?
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In the Middle Ages in Europe, a political and economic system in which aristocratic landowners provided land and protection in exchange for service and loyalty.. also known as feudalism. Between 800 and 1000 a.d., Charlemagne's empire weakened and western Europe faced a constant threat. The Moors took advantage of the empires weakness and Muslim forces invaded southern France and captured Sicily in southern Italy. While the Magyars attacked from the east. They invaded and eventually settled in parts of what now makes up eastern France, southern Germany, and northern Italy. Last but not least the most serious threat came from the Vikings. While the Vikings and other groups raided western Europe, people lived in constant fear of attack. The kings who reigned in Europe were not powerful enough to fend off the invaders and restore order and safety. Powerful landowners, called lords, gained much of their power from the land they owned. In exchange for their loyalty, lords granted land to lesser nobles or knights. This land grant was called a fief. A noble or knight who received a fief became the lord's vassal. A vassal owed his lord certain obligations, including loyalty and the promise of military service. He swore to fight for the lord if needed. In return, he owned the fief and profited from farming the land. Giving land in exchange for loyalty became the foundation of western Europe's social, political, and economic system during the ninth century, a system that came to be known as feudalism, which in French means "loyalty." :) Hope this helped :)
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also: The Moors were what Europeans called the Muslims in Spain. The Magyars were nomads who had settled in present-day Hungary. The Vikings were Varangians. Vikings were also called Norsemen (men of the north). And Vikings came from the mountains of Scandinavia. just in case you needed more info :)
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