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I need someone to review this essay and correct any mistakes. Also, please rate it out of 6. The essay title was, 'Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?'
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Despite the fact that the human race is at the epitome of its evolution, having immeasurable knowledge and equipped with the most innovative tools and technology, there are various instances and places where this knowledge has proved to be a nuisance, conflicting with the phenomena of nature and affecting people badly in general. Where humans have used knowledge to harness the power of the nuclear atom to generate large amount of electricity for running machinery in industries and appliances at homes, they have employed the same knowledge of nuclear physics in making atomic bombs , killing thousands of innocent beings and poisoning animals and plants; as was the case in Japan’s cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There are millions of industrial plants and even greater number of vehicles in the world at present, benefiting the people in ways such as providing manufactured goods, transportation etc but have people considered the vast amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere every second, causing Global Warming, with dire consequences for life on Earth? No. The natural cycles for recycling these gases have been disrupted and kittle efforts have been made to amend this. So would you call this knowledge as being beneficial for humanity when it is harmful for them in the longer run? Furthermore, humans have engineered a plethora of foods by advances in the field of genetics and increased food production by the use of fertilizers and pesticides. But once again, the wide and uncontrolled use of knowledge has had immense effects on human health, with a surprising increment in the number of people affected by diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, malnutrition etc, all due to the noxious poisons present in the food that is consumed. In conclusion ,although knowledge has benefited human population in various ways, it has proved to be a burden in the long term, disturbing natural phenomena and affecting human life.

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