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what is a good thesis statement for how did the united states change between 1776 and 1870? plz help.
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Although the United States simply followed Europe's lead in the Industrial Revolution, the United States radically changed economically and socially because of the revolution, such as the boom of the Southern single-crop cotton plantations or the outlaw of slavery in 1865. For economics, I would talk about the example in the thesis, as well as at least one other point from this list: the cotton gin/other inventions British-style factories in NE America South produced so much cotton it increased shippment to England (this would actually be a good point to add on to the first example) railroads Socially, talk about the example in the thesis, as well as at least one other point from this list: the factory system = more labour, causing families moving from farms to cities (since the cities had more opportunities for work) working outside the home became a "man's job" during this time period; as factories became more efficient, human labour was not needed as much; therefore, women increasingly left factory work and instead were expected to only marry and stay home to take care of the husbands and their children, creating a new family structure steady wages increased over time, leading to a new social class: the middle class

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