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So I am in a marriage and family class and I really need some help. We're learning about gender roles and gender identity. I have to read 5 children's books. I have to write a structured analysis on what messages of gender roles or identities that are being sent to children. It has to be a 2, page double-spaced report. I honestly have no idea how to start this. Please help
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Fairy tales might be your best bet here. I'm not quite sure on what exactly to recommend, but generally children's books display the theme of a) girl is weak & in danger/boy saves the girl and/or b) the father is kinder than the [step]mother to the child[ren] (indicates men are kinder than women). If you decide to go with the themes, I would stay away from the kid's version of The Little Mermaid (although people commonly misinterpret it as a silly girl throwing away everything for some guy, it's actually about a girl who takes her one chance to explore her one true wonder, despite the risks). Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel can help support point A; Hansel and Gretel and Snow White can help support point B.
  • achu3p
Ah, and Cinderella also supports point B.

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