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1. When the American Revolution began, it looked like the colonies faced insurmountable odds. How did a ragtag band of volunteers without a proper source of funding for food and equipment manage to overcome the most powerful army and navy in the world? How did each of the following contribute to the success of the American Revolution? • George Washington’s leadership abilities • Geography • Foreign assistance • Colonists’ spirit and attitude
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1) George Washington was a very trusted person by the troops during the American Revolution. He got them to do what he wanted because the soldiers trusted and revered him so much. 4) If it wasn't for the colonists spirit, they would have never won. A lot of the reason why the British didn't win even though they had the best military/navy in the world was because they had no motivation to win. Most of the soldiers didn't really care about the American territory and the British had problems in other parts of the world they had to worry about. The colonists on the other hand wanted freedom and they fought diligently to gain it. Hope this helped!
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In addition to LAChicks answer.... The geography was also another factor in why The Americans won the war. The Americans having been here for a little while now had had expeirience in the geographical state of the land unlike the British who had much less expierience.

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