• happykiddo
would anybody like to read my short essay and tell me what they think about it grammer and over all story wise.....it's supposed to be a descriptive essay describing a courteous person and their positive traits
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TIPS FOR HAVING YOUR ESSAY REVIEWED OR PROOFREAD The best way to get people to review your essays on OpenStudy is to post them as an attachment (see the little Attach File button below the box you type in?). Please post them in either .doc or .docx format since MS Word is what most of us use. This way we can download your essay, put any feedback on it as necessary, and then re-upload it to you. Avoid pasting your essay into the text box because it is too difficult to provide helpful feedback in the places that you need it. It is much better if we have a document to work with. One other thing regarding asking for essay review is to plan ahead and don't procrastinate. The helpers on this site are strictly volunteers and it might take some time to find someone to review your essay. Keep this in mind and the fact that providing good feedback requires more time than simply reading the essay. I only mention this because I have seen it happen a lot. Too many times I have seen someone come on with something like: MY ESSAY IS DUE TODAY!!!!!! I NEED SOMEONE TO PROOFREAD IT FOR ME AND TELL ME IF IT'S GOOD. QUICK!!!! Chances are if you have waited that long to have someone look it over, you aren't going to get a very good grade on it anyway. So provide enough time to a) find a reviewer, b) wait for a proper review to be posted back to you, and c) make the changes necessary be for the essay is due. And finally, please remember to reward your reviewer with a medal. Technically you should reward any response that best answers your question, but reviewing an essay or paper is often much more labor intensive than answering a simple question about formatting or something. If your reviewer is not rewarded they maybe less inclined to review future essays from you. So hit that best response button after you have gotten your essay back and are satified with the feedback that you received.
  • happykiddo
Here is my essay attached, tell me what you think : ) I'm not in a hurry

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