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can anybody help. i need help with innate and learner behavior
MIT 9.00SC Introduction to Psychology
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The old question of nature vs. nurture. Well, neither one. Nature does not set us up, but some things are decided by nature. How we are nurtured changes us, but only within the limits of our biology. Here is an example: When women where sexy clothes it causes men to view them as objects or tools rather than people. This has been studied and confirmed by several different people. However, it is not like every man instant sees a woman in a bikini and think, "That is a nice tool to use!" There is a range of how objectified a woman becomes in the eyes of a man. The more that their household suppressed female independence and the more bigoted the parents were about the place of a woman, the greater the objectification by men. There were men in households with very strong, independent female figures in their life that has very low levels of this effect. So, it is the nature of sexual attraction for men to objectify women, but it is the nurture that develops respect of this and helps limit the indiscriminate attributes of nature.

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