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The following have concord,tense,structure and mechanics issue. Locate and correct them. 1. Many young Athletes wants to play for professional leagues few actually succeeded. 2. I lost my train of thought do you find it? 3. Laura was exhausted from hours of study however she makes it to class on time. 4. Dolphins have killed sharks they never attack humans. 5. The shrimp was served with its head still on as a result, Mary lost her appetite. 6. Mary's sister, however, ate the shrimp anyway.
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Continued...... 7. In later years, Mary developed a shrimp allergy, but her sister still enjoyed shrimp. 8. The roads was covered with ice therefore school is cancelled. 9. The typewriter hummed loudly; consequently, I turn it off. 10. If you understand what a fused sentence is, you will be able to proof read for them in your papers then you would be less likely to make such a mistake. 11. I went to walk the walk-in-clinic because I am feeling ill in fact, I had walking pneumonia. 12. Dr.week's nurse called today she says that I needed to excercise more often. 13. Since I am too busy studying grammar rules I had no time to excercise the nurse did not think that is a very good excuse. 14. She is probably right I should excercise more. 15. Do you think that typing at the computer count as excercise. 16. My fingers are certainly getting a good workout today I have been typing for three hours. 17. One day in the late summer, Frog was not feeling well. 18. Toad said Frog,you are looking quite green. 19. The comma is the most widely used punctuation mark there are much variation in its usage. 20. But its too cold for the beach furthermore its too far to drive..

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