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Heyy everyone! I have 60$ to go shopping. Yes i know it is not much! But, does anyone have any ideas on where to go to find cheap clothes? I really like girly things, and if you guys have any ideas, like places, or outfits, can you please help? ☺ Thanks so much! Didn't know where to ask ♥

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Oh, and in florida. Not too far from the deltona area, please.
Lol, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate section but I can find some girlies who can help you

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Other answers:

shamil should be able to help you the most :3
A forever 21 just opened in Orlando
LAWL xD Go to the Florida Mall or Sears :D
Let's hear Shamil's advice :3
Im not a big help. I shop at thrift stores and Hot topic
Seminole Pointe Mall is where my mom goes all thetime for clothes.
dude ross. ross has cheap clothing.
hot topic is best store but its expensive. so you probably dont wanna go there.
and to be honest I've heard they sell cool stuff for chicks at walmart, of course for guys its pretty much prepping you to be a hobo.
lol "prepping you to be a hobo" thanks everyone for your help! ☺ ☻
xD no prob, it was our pleasure ^_^ I forgot about ross ._.
Chibi............I see u.........ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
^.^ You guys are sweet! And my mom wants to take me to ross. I went to the mall the other day and it was crazy! 35$ for a small dress. but then you can get one at other places for 12$..its crazy. lol ♥
Thank u ^_^ we like pieces of helpin candy ヽ(*・ω・)ノgood luck xD and I know how u feel XD
ross is my best friend. I made a matryoshka jacket from one I got a ross.
lol i think ross my be my new bff also!! ☺ Thanks ♥ ♥ ♥ How do i give stuff to medals or things??
:O *rushes to ask mom to go to Ross*
you click on the Best Answer tingy :D
be back everyone, IM GOIN TO ROSS :D
lol im going tomorrow! And i can only do that for one of you..i want to do it for all! How do i do that?
maybe we could go together? :D LAWL and dat, is simply not possible xD only 1 can get a medal here, which is sad but ya gotta deal wit it ;-;
awe okayyy :( lol i live in deltona. wbu?
Orlando xD I used to go to deltona beach, it was fun ^_^
ikr! i love the beach ♥
its a great place xD brings back memories :)
yea my best ones are at the beach with my cousin!
wow :O u ever went to any of the souvenir shops? :3
^.^ no..dont think i have. Maybe once but idk, lol
I never did but I always wanted to xD brb :D
okayy ^.^
LET ME RAISE YOUR SMART SCORE, just to see you faint (_ _)'*
Have fun shopping :3
Thanks ^.^ ♥ I will try!
I'm not a shopping type of person, but sometimes I just go whenever my mom needs me to check sizes and stuff
lol sounds like people i know! But, that is sweet of you! ^.^
Yeah, it makes her feel good because I accompany her when she is alone. Makes me feel good too ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Not when sizing though T^T
Kazune be all quiet (_ _)
lol awe how sweet.
I is sweet ~(_ _~)
Heyy i gtg for now. we should talk tomorrow ^.^ tell you how my shopping went. lol
Alright, have fun!! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
Awe you are sweet lol thanks ♥
goodwill duh
Everyone had helpful responses!! So, thank you.
come to me for pro tips. I will tell you the secrets of life, I know all.
lol oh do you now? ;) ♥ I would like to know all !

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