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Other answers:

1) Have you ever seen the chess pieces?
Starting up you guys....
@SolomonZelman - This is OS Feedback group, and the question you posted is totally off-topic to this group. Please close this question and only post questions related to the feedback or comments or advices about OpenStudy in this group.
OK, and where can I post this question?
Sorry guys, have to close this one!
No way...! what?!
I don't think so that there is any place currently in openstudy for such posts - though, you can talk in chat (if the topic is not long enough)
can the close question be kept though?
feel bad!
Well, yes! But any time mods may come in and delete this question! One thing may work - you close this question, continue your conversation and then call any mod to delete this question.
sorry i was little late.
As, sometimes it looks awkward to have such post in OS Feedback question. I will ask my friend @chmvijay to do this work later when you are finished with your conversation!
I just closed it! I mean the mod could have done w/ it whatever the hack he wanted to now matter what and where it was anyway!
Who knows the move of the pawn? Don't yell the answer, please!
Say YES or NO!
yup i know
i will not delete it for some time, you can enjoy here. :)
Thanks @hartnn
OK the Pawn moves the following way: 1) white pawn from the second horizontal line black from the 7th horizontal line, goes 2 or 1 squares forward. 2) It captures diagonally, not farther than 1 square on the board. 3) and there is another thing.... it is en-passant capture. Who knows what is it?
4) you can promote the pawn into any other piece besides king (or pawn) when it reaches the last horizontal line and can't move. for black pawn it is 1st horizontal line for white it is the 8th. Hold a sec....
|dw:1381825664007:dw| The worse way to draw a ches board but you kind of get the idea of the horizontal lines that I was talking about, right?