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Ok i just made up a song *pokemon theme song" I wanna have the most fans like noone ever had to get fans is my real test to fan back is my cause i will travel accross the forums searching for fans teach people to understand the power of fans FANMEPLEASE (gotta fan em all) its you and me i know its my destiny FANMEPLEase oh your my best friend in a world we must get fans FANMEPLEASE (gotta fan them all) a fan so true our fans will pull us through you fan me i fan you please-fan-me, gotta fan em all if you get the hint fan me XD

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*smh* wwooww
its not all over but XD
u shall name it FanMeplease

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Other answers:

I think that fits, since that's basically all that's in the song :D
currently playing pokemon blue. Im gonna catch them all!
so is your goal 151 fans xD
XD yes it is
favorite starter pokemon?
Wwell it would be yellows famous Pikachu
in the first 3, mine is squirtle. Blastoise FTW
ill help you reach your goal. i shall fan you
i love it lol
this doesnt count as spam right i spent my whole day making this
id hate if this became spam
You spend the whole day changing a few words from someone else's song?How does this count as your work?
fine its aparody
a few? its like a whole new song!!!
its cute lol
^^^^ see look at all the people who viewed it they liked it
@countrycutie1995 your cute xD
i know:)
Every one give @Ahunter2222 a medal
already did!
dont make me right a song about medals now XD
lol do it @Ahunter2222
use a eminem song this time lol
@countrycutie1995 i looked at your bio on your profile page. Im in love!
no stalker
^^^^ that guy loves me
i love everyone lol
it scares me that the mod is looking at this is he like deciding to close it XD
^ lol
Because then im gonna fan him and write a not nice testimony XD
thats not very nice
I don't think that's helping your case @Ahunter2222
lol well congratulations hun @TheSaint905621
? lol
how come i dont get any smart score for answering my own question
idk hun
because dats lyke cheatin
idek hun
and plus i cant right a song about getting a medal from one of the eminem songs XD i dont know any rhymes
so create tv is on, and they are making a cake that was made during the great depression. The one girl said, "i guess we'll call it depression cake!" I laughed so hard. Its so ironic!!!!!
i saw it some time back for get to wish him @Ahunter2222 well done :)
hm....... i dont know what to say xD but, sure, ill fan u
wtf is this
a song
??? oh
Agreed o_o o_O @Ashleyisakitty
this. is. AMAZING
Cool ^_^
good job dude lol
cool,you have a fan.
I guess its ok, except its really chalky and jolty..try to smooth it out and try to make the syllables the same as the original
wow that's awesome

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