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Arizona State research study needs participants. $25 Gift certificate

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We are happy to collaborate with Arizona State researchers @nirbe. They are trying to understand the magic of OpenStudy. Can a few of you take the survey to determine if you are eligible - and if you are and you do the interview they'll give you a $25 Amazon gift certificate. The link to survey is here. So if a few of you good people could rush and sign up everyone will be happy.
why does it want my address?
Because it is a study. They need certain data for the study to be valid.

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Other answers:

They are legit - they have sworn to the US government to protect your privacy and all that. The government will go after them if they do anything bad with your data. BTW, you are not giving this data to OpenStudy. (Even though we are good people...(-:)
I did the survey but then it just gave me a confirmation code. What does that mean?
"Sworn to the US government" hahah what government?
^love that comment
Just did it, hope to god my email and mailbox doesn't get spammed with crap...
What do I do with the confirmation code Preetha
yeahh gonna buy a new book with this!
#amazongiftcards #wow #newbooks #soamazon
#wowsuchbook #manyread #isiteat #wow
#mineis cef88533799b57925c1ffd090ff8ac44
So how does this work they send me an email I do the interview and get 25$?
Not sure. Haven't gotten an email form them with details about the card or the confirmation number.
I'm in
nice to see more Arizonians ;o
  • hba
If i get that amazon $25 gift card,What am i gonna do with it lol? :p
I completed the survey:)
  • uri
@hba you give it to your sister and buy her a teddy bear <3
i completed d survey...i was expecting some kind of response via email...but nothing..:(
@happinessbreaksbones Too bad it's to hot here in the summer! But at least we don't have daylight savings time.
lol agreed :P although it is now just starting to get cooler ^^ to my surprise.
It's nice weather now. Can't wait for the winter cause it will be even nicer. 40 to 50 degree weather all day will be heaven.
Only in USA?

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