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I'm just curious.. 1. How many moderators do OS have? 2. How many ambassadors? 3. How many people already have 100 SS? 4. How many newbies do OS have in a day? 5. In total, how many members do OS already have? 6. Who were the founders of OS? 7. How did this site came to life? 8. Is there any specific requirements to increase your OS? (like how many medals you should receive to reach a certain SS) 9. If we can't delete our account, can we just change our usernames? 10. I'm still thinking of another question.. (^_^)

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Only @satellite73 has 100 SmartScore, @Preetha is the CEO and one of the founders of this website (along with some other admins like @farmdawgnation and @shadowfiend), I believe the site was created in 2009, and it's impossible to change your username, and for the rest of the questions I don't know.
1. 42 (23 active) 2. 54 (24 active) 3. only 1 user can have smartscore 100 (currently satellite73 4. many (ask @preetha she keeps the statistics) 5. millions 6. Preetha Ram, Ashwin Ram and Chris Sprague 7. 8. It's a combination of many factors which are used in a big algorithm to calculate your SmartScore. medals is one of them but also the amount of days you been on the site, testimonials, number of questions, how many people you've invited using the invite button and many many more. The exact formula remains secret :P 9. no, admins can change your username but only in special cases. normally we advice people to create a new account when they don't like their username. 10. I'll be waiting :)
Heh. Millions is overstating the number of members, though not the number of visitors. The SmartScore formula has a degree of relativity once you get past a certain level, so there is no set number of anything that will cross you past a threshold, it also depends on what other users are doing. Account deletion isn't possible, but disabling is.

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Other answers:

The great ShadowFiend has awoken from his long slumber. And now he has departed.
Wait!? Preetha told me she can not change usernames at all???
Cuz dear lord I would love to change mine :(
They can edit the database (I'm sure), but they just don't do it very often. I'm sure it could be a bit time consume and/or mess up some stuff.
Administrators can directly edit it - yes, they can do anything. It can just be a hassle.
Yeah I know that, but she aid something to the likes of, she cant change them because she would have to change it on every question that was ever posted to that user along with medals and stuff. IDK. I would love to change my name though.
Changing a username is a very complicated process, as the username is used as an identifier in many places. We have never done it, and I doubt anyone intends to change that anytime soon.
That explains it. :)
But! It is possible. Painstakingly possible.
True, true :)
are you all guys moderators?
Anyone that has a purple name is a Mod
Anyone that has a purple "A" badge is an Ambassador.
(^_^) ohh that's why they cannot change usernames.. but @thomaster you said that "we advice people to create a new account when they don't like their username" but I thought "Creating multiple accounts" is not allowed?
Creating multiple accounts with bad intentions is not allowed. When you want to change your username because you don't like the old one (or it's an inappropriate username), you can create a new account.
i recall a username: harpellet, that kept getting censored so they never received any tags ....
*harshi.t no "." tho
one more thing, do moderators have a record of everything a user is doing in the site? like, do they know what's in a user's inbox? how will you know if a person creates another account?
Administrators can see IPs and IPs linked. Moderators can see IPs, but cannot see the linked accounts. Moderators do not have access to your inbox. Moderators can only view reported messages or conversations in your inbox. Administrators have access to your inbox. Administrators have access to your entire account.
thanks @Compassionate! I guess this is the end of my \(\large\color{#A300FF}{ 'CURIOSITY'}\) \(\Large\color{#0045FF}{Thank\ you\ so\ much\ everyone! ☺ }\)
Hmm. We have recorded about 10M people have visited OpenStudy since 2010. We hit over a million unique people in September and it looks like we will be there again this month. We were a bunch of educators and the students who worked with us - who wanted to make a difference in your lives! We wanted to make it easier for students to get help when they were studying.
How can someone be a moderator or ambassador? Is there any requirement to be one?
WOW 10 M?? O.O this is awesome(^_^)!! \(\Large\color{green}{Live}\ \color{blue}{long}\ \color{red}{OS!}\ \color{brown}{♥☺☻}\)
@Yttrium Moderator: Over 18, loyal and respectful, helpful and insightful. Ambassador: Over 12, loyal and respectful, friendly and compassionate.
*At least 18. @moderator
@Preetha Thats awesome, but I'm not surprised. Even when I just Google a question I need help with, OpenStudy is usually somewhere on the first page. Almost every question possible has been answered.

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